Of Dancing Seals

Twice in one day? Perposterous! No, not quite, I’m just feeling more ‘inspired’ now that my brain has had a chance to boot up. I don’t drink coffee or soda because I don’t like the taste. But on to better things.

I mentioned before that I play WoW as a hobby. It’s entertainment, yes, but the community and camraderie I get out of interacting with other people and working towards a common goal (even if said goal is ripping pixel faces that aren’t real) is priceless.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as it is to make friends and influence people *ahem whut?* not everybody is going to get along and this leads inevitably to…. *drumroll* DRAMA!

Oh no! You say. Drama could never happen here! We’re all happy fun-loving bunnies that would rather frolic happily and… (insert overly haughty and obnoxiously innocent attitude here)

I hate dealing with drama, I’m sure everybody else does as well. But I’m not trying to talk about drama, but what it leaves behind. Sadness, dissapointment, hurt, and general feelings of unease. I could preach to you until I was blue in the face about how this is just a game and you’re meant to have fun. When the loot council chooses the other mage over you for that piece of tier, when you’re banned from ventrilo for no good reason, when nobody wants to group with you for that heroic, it all feels bad and the knowledge that this is just a game is cold comfort.

When I play I try to keep my attitude aloof and fun-loving. If I get too involved and find myself hurt I’ll put the game down and walk away. I didn’t do that last night, unfortunately. I kept PvPing until I got my shoulders and then put the game down. It led to a difficult night with more drama spawned when I should have just gone to read a book.

Last night was normally the exception for me. Normally it’s me off in Nagrand farming Clefthoof Leather when one of my friends finds her feelings hurt. Sometimes it’s something in-game, sometimes it’s a real-life debacle. Either way I try to be there to offer my shoulder and do my best to lighten the load and cheer her up.

Enter the Dancing Seals.

I found this stupid little video a year or so ago while I was searching for leaked dance animations pre-Burning Crusade. I couldn’t stop laughing for a solid five minutes.

I’ve sent the video to all my friends and now, whenever one of them is feeling down I’ll remind them of it. We’ll be running along doing whatever and as soon as I spot a patch of water I’ll dive in, transform to seal, and proceed to make an idiot out of myself over vent. It’s fun, it’s lighthearted, but most of all…

It makes my friends smile.

This is what playing a game is all about isn’t it? Being able to smile and have fun!

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    • Saresa
    • July 17th, 2008

    It is great to see that you can see the lighter side of the game, even though all the heavy, occasionally depressing drama that can occur. Not to mention, those Dancing Seals are great!!!

    • Rusco Nendil
    • July 19th, 2008

    I left my guild of over a year because of drama. I’m back though as I missed the good friends I had and I’m capable of using /ignore.

    “Seal Dance” was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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