Finally, aaaah finally

I left you all alone to languish without an update over the weekend! But, my weekend was both very busy and completely lazy, which was also wonderful. There’s quite a bit I could talk about today. For example, I got into kara again on Friday. I wasn’t needed as a tank so they let me come as a dps cat and I learned a very important lesson. I’m squishy, I’m very squishy. My dps gear is an ill-assorted mish-mosh of greens, blues, and maybe a purple or two. I can manage 500-600 dps usually, though on Friday I was lucky to push even 500 considering the amount of quality time my face spent with the floor.

But I’m not going to talk about kara, I’m not even going to talk about the old-school pvp raid we did on Stormwind. We started by running through Goldshire, hellbent on raiding hogger (we’ve got some 70s who’ve never rolled an alliance in their lives so they wanted to see him). Then, a level 15 Night Elf decided to thwap him before we could even make a coherent attack plan. One of the orcs bloodlusted, ran for Stormwind, and then the fight was on. We mounted up and ran in, not bothering to kill any guards along the way. We wanted to kill the king, but whoever was in the lead ran to the left instead of the right so by the end of an hour we found our 40-man raid broken up into 5-man parties so we could bunker inside Stockades. We must have blundered into a Night Elf Hunter convention because at one point I counted at least ten flares on the ground waiting for us.

But no, what I wanted to talk about actually, was what happened after our ill-planned retaliatory strike on Stormwind.

We started the attunment chain for Onyxia. Now…. step back a bit, and actually think about that. We’re level 70, most of us can solo or 2-man LBRS and UBRS, and we’re all sure as hell going to be soloing the world dragons later. Why would we bother?

Well, many in our guild began playing WoW either with the release of Burning Crusade or, like me, somewhere between main release and the release of Burning Crusade. Through one reason or another, most of us never got to see the old world end-game content. I started out as alliance, and remember always in Stormwind people would be looking for a group for UBRS, and being in the throne room when the Onyxia chain was pulled, then later as horde hearing Thrall’s call of triumph and staring in awe at the gigantic dragon head displayed prominently in the center of Orgrimmar.

As a newbie, standing around at exalted level 24, and watching these things… to me, they became legendary. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I was there, and got to witness the opening of Ahn’Quiraj on the Scilla server. The alliance attending were very nice and didn’t bother killing me, though, at level 18 I had enough trouble avoiding the regular mobs.

So last night, when we were all holed up in the Stockades, and someone mentioned offhand who wanted to run Onyxia, it was like the heavens opened up and the game-gods of yore descended from on high to grant me this opportunity. I’m telling you, I felt EPIC.

I want to thank Boostah and, I believe it was Aeriola, for their tireless patience and guidance as they helped get everyone through the first few parts of the Onyxia attunment chain. I’d attempted the chain in my last guild, and promptly forgot where in the chain I was. Had I done LBRS? Had I done UBRS? I couldn’t remember, but with their help, and generous application of the Wowhead quest database I found where I’d left off and got caught up with everybody else.

I’m currently at the stage where I would have had to search hither and yon in Desolace to find Rexxar, but Blizzard kindly removed that bit of obnoxiousness when Burning Crusade was released. So, now, I’m ready to do somethingorother, can’t remember, but not worried, then I think this weekend we’ll be taking groups to actually go see Onyxia.

This feels like a field trip to the zoo. Our ancestors, hunters and gatherers had to outsmart large predators, lions, tigers, etc. Now, as a race we are older and, in our intelligence, more powerful than these ancient nemeses. This is how it feels going to see Onyxia. Back when the level cap was only 60 she was seen as a powerful end-game boss, someone to be reckoned with, nay, almost a force of nature. You might be sitting back and chuckling, having been to the encounter. Please remember, however, that I failed to reach 60 pre-BC, and encounters like these bulked before my sight as something unattainable, things I would never have the ability, time, or skill to see.

I’m rambling again. I do that a lot. Needless to say, that after Zul’Aman tonight, I’ll be working on my Onyxia attunment chain for the rest of the week. I am so excited.

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    • Vladante
    • July 22nd, 2008

    Actually, the best part of the night was listening to a drunk guildie on vent. That was epix.

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