Is it Wenesday already? Looks like it.

I think I’m starting to settle into a little bit of a routine with my new guild. While easy to manage and comforting, routines can lead to monotony at best, and a sickening lurch as panic grips my insides when the routine is broken.

I am a creature of habit, and when my routine is broken… well. I have a very bad day.

My WoW-centric life routine for the past week or two has run something like this: Wake up, log in, check mail, get harassed by our ‘token black guy friend’, scarf down some breakfast (sometimes), drive to work.. At work I’ll, well… work, most of the time. Breaks I check blogs, ponder a new entry, and generally spam the dickens out of the Unemployed shoutbox.

If I don’t put up a new post while I’m at work it generally won’t get done at all. When I get home, after my overtime I’ve generally got enough time to help my husband fix dinner, fill a plate and go hop on my computer where I merrily while away the rest of my evening.

“Hey!” you may think, “This chick has no life!”

Well, yeah, you’re probably right, but I’m pretty much content and happy so what else do I need?

WELL… says I. Let me tell you about Monday…. I can see the font with the dripping blood now.

I woke up after a difficult weekend, it was difficult for medical reasons I’d rather not get in to here. Additionally, I spent my customary commute to work mildly fretting about the state of our internet connection. The night previous it was quite windy here, windy enough to cause our epic rural DSL to perform with less than stable reliability. It was almost reliable in it’s unreliability, seriously, I was tanking heroic Ramparts and started timing the pulls off of my disconnects and lag spikes.

But anyway, I was fretting because I was rostered for Zul’Aman that night. Let me elaborate a touch. I’ve been to Zul’Aman once. I learned two things.

1. Zul’Aman has a gauntlet, don’t fight at the bottom of the stairs, try to make your way up.


2. Dirt trampled by troll’s feet doesn’t taste the best.

And so, I’m rostered for ZA on Monday, as a tank, with very little experience and absolutely no practical experience. But, I’ve never let that stop me before which is why my connection issues of the day were at the forefront of my worries as opposed to the patch of moistness still clinging behind my ears.

Let’s continue. I got to work. My first thought was “Are we having a BBQ?” My second thought was “Crap” and my third thought was, “Please let me go home.”

Did I mention the previous night had been windy? Well, power was out, from my work town all the way to the capitol, something about a station going down and surging the lines. Well, I didn’t get to go home, instead I stayed outside and sorted random papers, and got sunburned doing it.

Remember how I feel about my schedule? This day was starting bad. So when I got home I was irritated and in pain. I had rushed home to get ready to run ZA, buy my consumables and read up on boss fights so that I wouldn’t be a complete embarrassment.

I log in and check the guild roster, nobody is congregated in ZA, so the run hasn’t started yet, good. It’s 6:30 though and I see nobody congregated in the ghostlands… odd. Late start? Must be. So, I start pestering people in guild chat, asking if the raid is still happening, putting it together, when invites are going out, etc etc. I am ready.

I get a whisper from the fellow organizing the raid asking about the status of my gear, the conversation went a little something like this.

Him: How’s your gear?

Me: Um… Kara-ready?

Him: No, your stats

Me: *rattle off armor, defense, dodge%, health, all unbuffed”

Him: We don’t need a tank.

Me: oh…

Well crap. My first instinct was to scream, my second was to cry*, my third was to shoot back an angry whisper asking why he asked me in the first place, didn’t he check the raid roster that I signed up for?

EDIT: Now I’m DOUBLY glad I didn’t shoot back that first angry thought, I just learned there’s more to our roster than I had known /dur xD /open mouth insert foot.

Thankfully for my own sanity, I did none of these, I took a deep breath, whispered him that I would be on standby if one of the other tanks needed to leave, made myself available in the ventrillo lobby, and flew out to Nagrand to farm clefthoofs.

*Note: I make it a priority that I not take the game too seriously, I’ve seen what it does when taken too seriously and it’s not pretty. Keep in mind that I’d just spent the entire day outside, in the heat, getting sunburned, with medical issues and it was that time… yes, you know the time I mean.

So I farm clefthoof for a while when someone random whispers me, begging me to tank heroic Black Morass. Black Morass is one of my very favorite dungeons, but I’d just bought a raid and a half’s worth of consumables for a raid I very much wanted to attend, was broke, was sunburned, was cranky, and just wanted to run around ripping faces and not having to think for a while.

But he was persistent and promised me that if my spot opened up I could jump out at any time, and if the Hourglass dropped, it was all mine. So I agreed, and by the time the run was completed, flawlessly, and almost effortlessly, my spirits had risen a bit.

We ran heroic Ramparts too, didn’t do as well but managed to complete it before the rest of the group had to split for the night. I took myself off back to Nagrand to continue farming leather. At one point I open up the Guild Roster and notice everyone is no longer clustered in Zul’Aman. The run is over, I wasn’t needed.

So I quietly take my leave of ventrilo, log off of my druid, log into my mage and onto my husband’s ventrilo. I don’t remember what I talked about or what I said, but my general crabbiness must have been apparent. You see, Tuesday morning, I logged in, checked my mail, and found a letter encouraging me to have a better day. Enclosed in the letter was a stack of 5 Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream.

Somebody heard me on vent, heard me having a really crummy day for reasons it was clear I didn’t want to talk about (despite my disspointment and disproportionately emotional reaction *see that time* I didn’t want to spend too much time whining and moaning. I KNOW I won’t be included on every run, this was just the first of such occurences)

Anway, this guy saw me having a bad day and took the time to go, seek out, and buy that fun little item and mail it to me. Yeah, it’s a video game, it’s stupid to get worked up over it, but when I see small, thoughtful gestures like that, it just makes everything worthwhile.

So, thanks man, for thinking of me, and for the ice cream.


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  1. 😦

    I’m sorry that you got benched on Monday. I wasn’t around for the evening, so I don’t know who else went and what the reasoning behind shelving you was. But since the Monday/Friday raids are pretty much your thing right now, I would have to say I’d be a little upset myself.

    But at least you got a couple good runs in, a few badges, and some tasty ice cream! And let us not forget your new hat! 🙂

    Hope the remainder of your week improves and you get some quality ZA time this Friday. If you don’t, well, I’ll flex my Officer muscles and make sure it never happens again!

    • Tigerfeet
    • July 23rd, 2008

    Oh geez xD there’s no need to make things special on my account, really! I took a long hard look at the roster, who had signed up, what the ranks were, and I had logged on later than the thanks that did go and, while equal rank to one of them, have been in the guild not as long. Believe me, my reaction was a whole lot of “I’ve got a sunburn and am pmsing” as opposed to “This is unjust!”

    PLUS! Looking at the shiney side of things, I’m now watching videos on the ZA bosses, so I’ll be way more prepared for Friday than I would have been on Monday! 😀

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