From the Other Side

There I was, out upon the desolate fields of Netherstorm, staring nervously out upon a field swarming with purple gemmed monstrosities. The Farahlon Breakers wandered to and fro, and where they went the ground rumbled with their passing. I’d tried to take on one once before but found myself only just outclassed.

Well, this wouldn’t do, I needed four Raw Farahlite from them and I wasn’t going to get any with my face in the dirt. What I needed was some help. After I’d tried and failed to kill the first I thought I’d noticed a hunter’s mark above one. I flew up and around and, sure enough, there was the giant stomping around with a giant red arrow hovering invitingly above its head.

I started casting around for the hunter who had put it there, all the while thinking ‘please be horde please be horde’. I finally found her, she was there with a priest.

They were Draeni.

I’d noticed the mark before I died, it was still there after I died, which led me to believe that, though they numbered two, they were having as difficult a time with these monsters as I was. So I hovered, and waited for them to tag their target.

When the giant’s health bar turned grey to me I transformed into bear and charged in. Gaining and keeping aggro is difficult when you’re tanking for the Alliance. First of all, you’re not in a group so there is no handy ‘AGGRO’ tag to let you know you are the monster’s sole focus. I also couldn’t be healed by the priest.

I wasn’t worried, I just wanted to see how things would go. We felled the first giant, these Draeni and I, and thanks were conferred all around. They went to a second, and I helped out again. Soon a third was lying in the dust.

When the fourth was marked I didn’t wait for them to tag the target. I dashed in and tagged it first. This is it, I thought. They’ll see me wanting my own kills and abandon me. No such thing happened. They helped me kill the giant then we three moved on.

I kept up a pattern like that, two kills of theirs to one of mine and soon my quest was fulfilled. Just before my last giant went down reinforcements arrived and I began to worry.

Nobody was flagged, and nobody gave me a second look. Perhaps my old Stranglethorn Vale, battlescarred heart is going soft, but at times like these, these care bear servers aren’t quite so bad.

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  1. I’ll admit, I’m one hell of a carebear. If I see people needing help with a quest, the desire to help just wells up in my heart and I find myself bounding over to help — irregardless if I need help myself. I guess my sense of community (especially among fellow roleplayers) overwhelms my bloodlust.

    It was especially fun back when I ran around perma-flagged. You’d help some guy, he’d help you, and then suddenly you’d find the great big ol’ hunter’s mark on your head. Then the fun really began!

  2. I’ve had the same sort of thing happen to me on both pvp and pve servers – It really does just seem to be who you run into which matters. Gives you the warm-and-fuzzies inside either way!

    Also, I’ve found I get more help and people were more willing to trust me helping them on my druid than on my rogue. Odd, that. *ahem*


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