WTB [Peacebloom]x500

I learned three valuable things this weekend.

1. A Feral Druid, a Fire Mage, and a Holy Priest aren’t quite enough to kill General Drakkisath.

2. I really shouldn’t be staying up past 11pm on work nights, srsly.

3. don’t freeze just-piciked broccoli and carrots, they turn soft and nasty-smelling. ick.

Other than that… did I throw anybody off with a post on Saturday? I was so happy to get that quest finished without the need to call in the cavalry that I just knew I had to write a blog about it. Only thing is, with my memory being what it is… or isn’t, in my case, I took a moment out of slaughtering things in Netherstorm to write up the little post about it. 🙂

What you all might be wondering is, why is Tigerfeet attempting to 3-man UBRS and kill General Drakkisath?

Simple, I needed his blood. I am pleased to announce that, after pulling in the aid of my pocket priest and Mr. Tigerfeet, myself, and my charcoal-flavored friend are now fully attuned to go and whoop up on Onyxia.

Funny thing though, my escapades last night tie in quite well with a certain Big Butted Bear Blogger’s musings of the morn.

Tigers Wrath-flavored tidbit!

I’m not going to make long, in-depth posts about the impending expansion. In fact, I’ve managed to avoid blogging about it much at all. So, with the plethora of information already out there I’ll limit my comments to my personal speculations and thoughts.

So, without further ado….

Her empty eye sockets stared unblinkingly as her nerveless fingers pulled yet another wayward Peacebloom from the bosom of the earth. “I really should be killing bears…” the young forsaken mage thought.

“Why am I not killing bears?” Her mind wondered as her body refused to obey her. She ran off in search of more flowery goodness, all the while confused.

That’s right folks, Romainne has been relegated to flower-picker extraordinaire! Why, you ask? Well, I read somewhere that the new Inscription talent will use herbs. Now, I don’t know about your server, but on Hydraxis herbalism is a very lucrative profession, if a bit slow going in the beginning.

I am thinking, however, that with so many level 70s rushing out into Northrend to level, some people re-rolling Death Knights, people just aren’t going to want to take the time to run around farming peacebloom and silverleaf, among other low-level herbs. So I’m attempting to stock up in anticipation of an increased demand once Wrath hits. Of course, if this works, it’ll only give me a small burst of income, but hey, I want to change my shape-shifted skin and the way I see it, I’ll be helping along the new baby inscribers.

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  1. hmmmm…that is a very good idea…(mutters to herself, “why didn’t I think of that..) Might have to start making trips to Westfalls.

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