Halazzi Goes to Basement Cat

I came home last night ready to resign myself to doing my dailies and making some money. I was rostered as tank for Zul’Aman but our roster was 7 short. So, I logged in and started poking around, seeing if the raid was still on and… Holy handbaskits! There’s something like 16 70’s online!

So, someone gets the raid going and with much trepidation we step into Zul’Aman. Now, let me explain to you why there was much trepidation. I’ve only downed bear and eagle. I’ve attempted dragonhawk and never even seen lynx. Neither had our other tank, nor our healers. Our dps were the only members of the raid with any real ZA experience. Our hopes weren’t high, but we were game for as many attempts as we had time for. After all, what’s a wipe or two between friends?

Well, we started out with the bear boss and, on our first attempt had some trouble coordinating tanks to share his swipe attack. Second try went off splendid even if we did miss the timer by only a minute. So far I’ve found I really enjoy Zul’Aman. The boss fights are interesting and quite a bit of fun without being so over-the-top complicated that the encounters want to make your pull your hair out.

So we downed bear, moved to eagle, took care of him, then sat down to ponder who we’d go after next. We had no paladin and so assumed dragonhawk was out. I was eager to see something new so while everyone hemmed and hawwed I piped up my interest in Halazzi (lynx). Our group, while coherent and organized lacked any strong leadership so we took a little bit making decisions.

And so, with a bound and a smile, off to Halazzi we went with dire warnings of his difficulty ringing in our ears. I’d like to reiterate that I’d never seen this encounter, neither had our other tank, nor our healers and I think at least one of the DPS. That’s easily half the raid. Needless to say we were expecting a wipe.

On the last pull as we cleared his room, those of us who had the guide pulled up briefed the other members, I volunteered to tank the spirit when he split, but our outstanding warrior had an intercept macro already set up. Well-a-day that’s great!

So we buffed

And we potted

And we marked

And we gritted our teeth

And we pulled.

I initiated combat and ran in, faerie fire blazing, claws flashing, and set to work gaining as much aggro as I could as fast as I could. Halazzi growled and snarled and flashed his claws but the warrior and I stood strong and shared his blows (much like in the bear fight).

When he split the warrior would intercept and dps would continue on Halazzi and… amazingly, steadily, and surely he started to die.

And die…

And die…..

We lost one dps, then another, but I kept up my lacerates, and faerie fire, and mangle. I think we lost a shaman too but he had an ankh and was back in the fight quickly.

Finally, at 2% I went down, my frenzied regeneration spent, my Adamantine Figurine laying useless, and I fell. The warrior stepped up and desperately fought for aggro over the dps. We lost another and then with a final swipe our warrior went down.

And Halazzi went down with a snarling growl.

We stood there, stunned, as the rezzes started being passed around. Did we just? Yes… yes… I think we DID!

(click for larger)


With half our group having never seen the fight we burned the Lynx Lord down!

We were about to call the raid, end on a high note, when someone voiced his desire to at least get an attempt in on dragonhawk. Long story short on him, after 5 wipes (the last one being at 6%) we decided to call it a night. I’m rather sad about the dragonhawk encounter myself. The last wipe happened after I went down, I’d strayed too close to one of the exploding orbs. /sigh

Afterwards as we grouped up outside, waiting for a portal, I couldn’t stop laughing. Our last failed attempt because of my mistake. Odd thing though, the exact same thing had happened last week when we took on Al’ar. Many previous wipes, and the last one we did happened because of a little mistake on my part. The group laughed, and told me not to worry.

Needless to say, despite our failure on dragonhawk we were all still elated about our Halazzi one-shot!


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  1. Nice job on Halazzi! It took us a lot more than 1 try to get him down. If DPS is dying too much it might be because the totems aren’t getting killed fast enough. Dunno what your strategy is for the split, but we moved the cat away and had the troll stay in the same spot so that melee dps could easily reach any totems. Helped a ton.

    ZA is my favorite instance in TBC. The pacing is good, the fights are well-tuned and make good use of multiple tanks and multiple types of tanks, you get to use lots of interesting abilities and the timed part makes it challenging long after you’ve beaten it. Wish I could run it more.

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