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Much, and very little happened last night. I should say, much happened, but I was involved in very little of it. Another relaxing night getting things ready for the pending familial visit this weekend.

Some Highlights ~

It’s not the full image, if you’d like to see the progression thread, check here -> http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=6248695705&sid=1&pageNo=10

Sadly, I wasn’t listening in on ventrilo until after they’d downed big and ugly, but I did get to listen to their first few attempts on Karathress. This was my first exposure to actual progression. When I’d stepped into the Al’ar fight I knew that he’d been downed by <Unemployed> before, we had old hands along with us, etc. I’m glad I got to listen to how the guild handles seeing a new boss, ‘twais quite informative.

In other news I’m now an <Epic Doll>! I rolled an alt over on the Perinolde server, horde side of course, and little Zudjaldi, at level 8 is currently running around happily picking pockets and wishing she could sew pocket onto tigers just so she could pick them too!

But, back to the source for the title, if you haven’t checked out many of my links I urge you to go check out Mend Pet. It’s headed up by my guildie and new friend Brajana and she provides actual… GASP! USEFUL information! Wowieeee!

I don’t write guides because I know they’ll be full of holes and misdirections (hurr hurr hunter joke). For example, just the other day I exclaimed in delight over vent “Wait… Lifebloom STACKS!?!” *snrk* I’d always wondered why everyone said it was so good, now I know! Not that it’s nearly enough to make me start healing. ha!

OH! Holy Handbaskits, I almost forgot a most important thing! If you’re not reading /hug, and you definitely SHOULD be, his guild ran a full kara druid run! Glee! It ties right into what I talked about yesterday too! (amazing how all us bloggers seem to be sharing brainwaves eh?)

You can check out the video here, and make sure to head over to his site for the full story.

~Tigerfeet out

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    • Hemo
    • August 12th, 2008

    Lol love the vid i should make a druid so we can find more druids to do that with 🙂

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