Lungs Full of Gunk

It’s that kind of cough that reaches right down to the bottom of your chest. It gurgles and burbles as your chest constricts, dredging up mucous and all manner of filth. The first cough hurts, the second one is worse, ripping your throat, and then the third just goes on, and on, and on. It’s not a cough anymore, it’s a horrible chest-tearing wheeze that makes everyone around you cringe. There’s even a taste that goes along with it. You can feel it on the sides and tip of your tongue, foul and unwanted. You’re doubled up with a hand on the back of a chair, steadying yourself as another heave comes and you just cough, and cough, and cough. It’s not long before you really start to become scared and fear makes you start to cry, and you realise….

You’re having your first asthma attack since you were twelve years old.

I don’t smoke, and I make it a very strict point to stay away from people who do. Yesterday, however, the old school across the street from our house was burned down, burned out, on purpose. It was an event that was planned with the cooperation of our town’s, our county’s fire departments, and the departments of firemen from many, many, many departments from the surrounding counties.

Did I mention my husband and I live right across the street? I didn’t know it was being burned until I woke on Sunday, about 9:30. My husband had his hand to my shoulder telling me not to uncover, there were people all over our lawn and that the school was being burned. We’d heard rumors about it, but there was no official announcement made to either us or our neighbor.

I looked out the window and saw the massive brick and mortar building standing aflame. Fire was dripping from the rafters and tongues licked out the windows as hordes of gawking bystanders trampled our grass. The smoke billowed and spiraled upward, upward, until the wind changed, and brought it right at our house.

That’s when the coughing started. My husband called his parents, asking them to come get us to take me away from the smoke. I couldn’t talk, and I couldn’t breathe. Remember, I hadn’t had an attack since I was twelve, I’d grown out of my asthma. Well, at least until I find myself living next to a massive burning building.

We couldn’t drive away on our own, there were too many people in our yard, blocking the street and our garage. So, with his arm around my shoulders, my husband helped me walk a few blocks away, upwind, to wait for his parents. Once they rescued me we got a little mask for me to wear for the next few days and by three in the afternoon it was all over. My husband and his father went back to the house to make sure everything was de-smoked before I could come back home.

My camera is AWOL. My parents were visiting though, and they have pictures, I’ll post them when I have them. It was a sight to be seen, but I really could have done with out the coughing, or contented myself with a warning it was going to happen at least.

BTW… the school? Still standing, all they did was make it blacker and cause the roof to fall in.

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  1. Sounds like your county is a bunch of pyromaniacs. I’d say you should file a complaint, but we all know how much that’ll do. Not like they can undo the damage they’ve done to you!

    That sucks 😦

  2. Why would you burn out a brick and mortar building? It just doesn’t. It would just turn the whole thing into one big brick oven. If anything, blow charges on it. It’s noisier, but it would get the job done.

    • Tigerfeet
    • August 11th, 2008

    That’s what we thought. I wouldn’t mind the noise, and I could get over the dust once it settled, but the fire just did me in. Our town doesn’t make much sense, we’ve been getting harassed about the length of grass on our lawn since we moved in, when there’s houses across the street in worse states than us.


    You see why I stay indoors and play WoW? haha!

    • Hemo
    • August 12th, 2008

    OMG!! i cant belive it lex, im so glad you are ok!! 😦 that was stupid what they did if they wanted to destroy it they should have blowen it up or something. And about those people that are harassing you tell him its your house you should do what the hell you want to to (sorry for curseing i know you hate it ^.^).

    PS. I realy hope your better now dont want anything to happen to my fav druid 😀

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