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Finding a guild in which someone is a good fit can be a tricky process. First, if you want to raid, said guild needs to have a raiding schedule that works with your own personal schedule. The guild needs to have a certain level of maturity, find one where you’re comfortable. Friendly people always help, unless you want something more hardcore where the guild is driven forward by an iron fist, a machine of efficiency and kick-assness.

Me? I prefer a more laid-back approach with plenty of top-notch organization. It also helps of members share similar senses of humor and interests. One interesting thing I’ve discovered about the guild I’m in is that we have a lot of foodies among us. I’ve seen the chatbox dominated by discussions on milk, raw versus paseurized, bagged versus jug. I even mentioned my undead mage named Romaine once in guild chat, chortling to myself how, instead of pushing up daisies she was pushing up lettuce. A member piped up and proceeded to rattle off a slew of lettuce varieties.

Below are two examples of hilarity. One is food related, the other is rather punny. /groan.

  • Vladante am i being thrown on the fire for leo tonight?
  • Vladante which also begs the question, is Leo the most pun friendly boss in the game?
  • Tigerfeet tell me another one Vlad :3
  • Vladante that would just be adding fuel to the fire
  • Tigerfeet pbbbt
  • Vladante the tank in this fight can just put on the blinders and focus on one target
  • Pilsner well vlad, either you do it or you don’t. either way, you’re fired.
  • Tigerfeet xD ok, I think I’ve heard enough xD
  • Vladante that’s not cool pils
  • Pilsner don’t be so resistant to it
  • Vladante no, i’m just thinking. my brain is fried.

Another classic moment happend last night while we were actually in SSC. Apparently there’s mushrooms, and apparently they’re gigantic. We’d cleared the mobs and one of the hunters started shooting at the mushrooms, someone complained.

  • You can’t kill the mushrooms.
  • Well, not on your own, but they can be killed by the raid.
  • I can solo a portabello!
  • Shiitake’s out of your level range?
  • Yeah, maybe not after the expansion though.
  • I hear truffles are getting a buff.
  • Damn, nerf the truffles!

The above conversation took place over ventrilo, with all participants speaking in completely serious tones. I was about beside myself with laughter.

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