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Tiger looses her liver a’la Charlie-style only to have it sold to Brajana by Pilsner for 400g.

The whole ordeal has left her in such a hugger-mugger that she can’t seem to get any work done or manage to write a decently-thought-out post.

Brajana: Wait… did she just? Omg she DID! That little Tiger-snit stole my weekly word! She’s also godmodding me whut is up with THIS!

Am I leaning heavily on inside jokes? Nnooooooo, what makes you say that?

Ok… maybe, just a little, but no, really, I actually DO have a well-thought-out post in the tube being worked on AS WE SPEAK! So stay tuned, you might even get to read something meaningful!

(holy handbaskits! I just wrapped up this post with the title TOTALLY ON ACCIDENT… it’s fate… or something)

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    • Hemo
    • August 15th, 2008

    lol so i dont understadn the joke at all but i found this awesome movie,…. LOOK!

    • Hemo
    • August 15th, 2008

    lol i messed up the link

  1. *Tigerfeet cuts herself open, removes one of her kidneys and puts it in a Blue-ribboned Gift Box and mails it to Brajana*

    It’s okay Tiger, I’ll let you use my Word of the Week. Since I have your liver and all, and we know that creativity is all based in the liver… now I have YOUR creativity, so nothing can stop me! I’m the most creative person in the WORLD!!

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