Oh Irony, How Do I Love Thee…

Let me count the ways.

Remember how I posted about getting my Earthwarden just this past Sunday? I was all ready to make an ‘OMG EARTHWARDEN’ post extolling its virtues and offering up a side-by-side comparison to its predicessor, Braxis’ Staff of Slumber. Last night I went with my guild to Serpentshrine Cavern. I tanked. I rocked. I was truly amazed at how much of a difference the Earthwarden made, so I had planned to make a big fancy side-by-side comparison thing.

I’ve said that already. Yes, I have a point.

You see, one trash pull before Leotheras the Blind Irony decided to smile upon me. With a laughing face surrounded by cries of ‘Grats!’ from my guildmates, she bestowed upon me a Wildfury Greatstaff.

Ha! A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Aaaaaaaah….

/wipe tear

Granted, I’m thrilled at the drop, really! It’ll make me that much more useful to my guild, which is outstanding! The irony though… aaah sweet irony, how you do me in!

Note: said side-by-side comparison post coming later, now with 3 weapons evaluated!

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    • BeerCow
    • August 20th, 2008

    Well Tiger, out of the 4 of those that have dropped for the guild, you should be happy to know that you’re the only regularly raiding bear that has one! Granted, the last time we saw it, we had 3 drop within minutes of each other. But still! Use it well, young cub.

  1. Wow. That’s awesome. I had to run SSC for almost two months before mine dropped. I’m still using it and will likely be using it until we down KJ.

    Just beware of the defense loss. It hurts and makes you juggle some gear. But yeah – it’s stellar and makes a very noticeable difference in everything.

    (PS: I totally want a [b]wind[/b]fury greatstaff).

    • Tigerfeet
    • August 20th, 2008

    Yeah Kal, I did notice the defense drop. Luckily for me though I hadn’t gotten around to re-gemming to account for the greater defense of the Earthwarden.

    I’d gotten myself at 415 defense with a little resilience carried over because of the odd piece of pvp gear. Then in the space of one night I got my T4 shoulders and chestpiece, gemmed them, then started having a miniature heart attack when I saw I was very low on defense. I shuffled some rings and necklaces and by the time I got the Earthwarden I was back at 414 defense with that little bit of resilience still helping me out.

    So basically, it felt like a roadbump. I had a day and a half to be all excited about redoing my gems then BAM! oh, I’m ok, but still need to scrounge 1 more point of defense whenever I get some T4 gloves (or T5… whichever I get first)

  2. Ah, a bittersweet drop… I think most of us have had something like this happen. For me, it was my Fiend Slayer Leggings followed shortly by my T4 leggings (but not short enough that I hadn’t spent a couple hundred on enchants/gems).

    But yours is especially bad, considering how much work you put into getting that Earthwarden! But at least you have nothing lost from it, you’ve got to Exalted with CE (which is good to have anyway) and got lots of tanking experience in from those runs… as well as lots of gold from the quests!

    Well.. grats anyway! 😀

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