Vertically Challenged

Do you have a beta key? Can you confirm or deny the prevalence of vertical spaces in WotLK? I read somewhere that there’s lots of vertical-ness… which is great, as long as it’s all UP.

I touched on this briefly in my about page, but I’ll reiterate here. I have a very bad habit of falling into holes and getting stuck, or getting stuck in general. Perhaps it’s just a general hazard of running around as a giant cow, but I seem to be rather accident-prone when it comes to terrain. Would you like some examples? (note: examples will be accompanied by screenshots when I get home tonight)

There is a cliff in Nagrand. Growing from that cliff is a Tree. Together they form such an unholy union that, if a poor wing-less wanderer decides to take a short-cut and jump from the cliff she will be caught and cradled by the tree… caught and cradled forEVER. Or at least until a GM can be flagged down to lend some assistance with his tow-truck. (No kidding, GM said he was going to get his tow-truck, then I was unstuck.) This area is a very large hole, and as such, the /unstuck feature doesn’t really work very well. I’ve got about five yards of wiggle room I can run around in, but unless I’ve got wings, I’m stuck.

My dear bovine compatriots. You should really try to construct things with wayward, bounce-happy druids in mind. On Hunter’s Rise you constructed a Hunter’s Hall. Along the outside wall, on the inside of said hall are ranks of logs with big flat inviting tops. It’s possible to jump on these logs and a lot of fun to do so while waiting on a BG, (or just in general). You neglected to put a log in the corners. I bounced myself the wrong way and WHOOP! I’m stuck. In a corner, In the Hunter’s hall, with the Warrior and Hunter trainers standing there laughing at me. This time I was in a group that included a warlock, who kindly summoned me from my folly.

Have you ever ventured into the Steamvaults? I’m sure you have. Nice watery place. Nice watery place with EVIL TORCHES OF CAPTURE! Seriously, what did I ever do those darned torches? I was DPSing on said occasion and our tank wasn’t pulling the naga back. Nope, tanked right there. Well fine, said I. I’ll just stealth around this torch and- urk! Crap, I’m stuck again. I think I had to be warlock summoned out of this jam too.

How’s about some Shadow Labs? They’ve got it in for me there too. At least I think it was Shadow Labs. One of those Auchindoun instances anyway. I remember I was tanking. I remember there was an old wooden cart. I remember there was a giant demon and he KICKED me into said wooden cart. I also remember I couldn’t move, and even if I tried to rotate my camera I couldn’t see anything. I’ve got a screenshot of that, giant demon hoof, that’s all I saw until he died and the warlock summoned me out of my stuck-ness.

So… all together, Wrath scares me. There will be vertical faces. I’m sure there will be negatively vertical faces. I’m sure I will find many MANY of these before I learn how to fly in the cold. Aaaah brave new world, how will you capture me today?

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  1. Falling into holes is always a problem… especially for dwarfs..
    samownall – World of Warcraft News

  2. I’m afraid to report that there seems to be almost as much ‘down’ as there is ‘up’ or nearly so. /sadface. Good luck on navigating it safely when it comes πŸ˜‰


    • Lippie
    • June 15th, 2009

    You did forget the screenshots!

    Bad Kitty πŸ™‚

    I once got stuck in the wooden cart in Kara near the 1st boss!
    Forgot to take a screenshot to though.

    Great funny blog! Thx.

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