Blaze of Glory!

It’s new lingo time calves and kittens!

e-man | Verb

  1. To intentionally attack a boss while alone or with companions such that victory is impossible, thus dying in a blaze of glory. That rogue and I totally just e-manned Lady Vasj.
  2. To intentionally enter into an encounter either alone or with companions such that victory is impossible, thus dying in a blaze of glory. Hey! You and I should totally go e-man Mount Hyjal later.


There, now don’t you all feel smarter? I sure know I do!

What prompted this daily dose of random-ness? WELL! Remember that little doodle I did yesterday where I claimed I needed to tank the Lurker Below to wash of the taint of idiocy? Well apparently my raid leader reads my blog, because that’s exactly what happened.

But wait, it gets better!

I did fine, even with a slight learning curve (I got stuck under the platform once after a spout). Then we went and cleared the trash on our way to Leo. The moment the last mob went down, it felt like, people started to lag. One group seemed to be completely incapacitated. Then, as we watched, people winked out of the raid group one by one.

I heard mayhem coming from our other computer room where Mr. Tigerfeet, attempting to wrestle his guild into a coherent group to run Karazhan (an activity akin to herding cats), was having the same problem. His entire guild was having issues as well.

Friends, readers, colleagues, we were in the midst of a server crash.

So, with the raid dropping around us like flies a few intrepid explorers decided it would be a good idea to go take a look at Lady Vasj, just so we could get an idea of how her room was laid out before we actually got around to making our first attempt at her.

Well, by the time I’d had a good look around a good 3/4 of the raid were out of the game. I wiggled my whiskers and looked over at a rogue-flavored applicant that had been running with us that night. In the same instant we both expressed in /s our desire to go test our mettle, mano-a-naga.

We laughed, and with a nod of the head ran in to e-man Vasj. I tried to tank, he tried to dps. He pulled aggro early and died. I lasted slightly longer then died too. Upon our death the server decided it wasn’t going to coddle us anymore and we were booted. Now, I wasn’t paying ANY attention to this rogue before now, but when a server crash is imminent and someone agrees to run up and kamikaze with a crazy tank and risk a repair bill well, that guy is ok in my book!

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