Wait… You SKIPPED It?

Last night, while I was cruising around Nagrand with my tail between my legs while looking for clefthoof to kill Mr. Tigerfeet took his guild on their first serious attempt at Zul’Aman.

I’d like to note, that while I’m in a guild that’s quite a bit farther progressed than his, I got a leg up whereas he decided to build his empire guild from the ground-up about a month or two ago.

There, ok, on with the show.

They got in one attempt on Nalorakk. Unfortunately something bugged and they couldn’t re-start the fight. So, unwilling to risk pulling the bears and having Nalorakk rain trolly goodness down on them at the same time, they decided to go take a stab at Akil’zon.

They start their raid time at about 8 and finally finished up around midnight-thirty. (Too late for me) He came over from time to time to ask me the odd piece of advice, I remember madly moonfire-tagging some mobs because I don’t like to share while assuring him that yes, the bear riders do need to be tanked away from each other. No, I don’t remember why, just do it.

The next thing I know he’s wandered out of his little cave again to get a drink and I ask “Hey, how’s it going?”

To which he replies, “Good, we’re just taking a bio break and repairs before we try Akil’zon again.”

“Oh! How’d the gauntlet go?”

“We skipped it.”

Wait… what? You skipped it?

What followed was a very intense explanation while I hunched over his chair, scratching my head and biting my lip as cries of unfair! and broken! welled up in my chest. I’ve heard of people running naked up to the top with the intent to die on the platform and res with a soulstone or ankh, but the trick he and his guild executed left me nothing short of flabbergasted.

To put it simply… they played fetch.

My husband has the extreme misfortune* of having a plethora of hunters in his guild. So for him, this little trick will become a matter of course. Here’s the nitty gritty:

The entire raid clustered at the base of the cliff atop which the gauntlet road runs. The hunter in the group uses eagle eye to get a look-see on the top of the cliff.

He then locates the troll Tidecaller (I think that’s what he’s called). Tidecaller gets marked and selected. Eagle eye is cancelled.

The hunter then sends his pet in. Just his pet, poor little kitty gets to run headlong and attack mister big scary troll. After one or two successful attacks the hunter recalls the pet to his side, thereby dragging the tidecaller with him and maybe one or two extra mobs.

Raid proceeds to kill the tidecaller and any random mobs, Zul’Aman lookout despawns, and raid continues up the ramp virtually unmolested.




I was left gaping and spluttering for a good couple minutes after I saw that. Is this something that’s normally crazy-common that I just didn’t know about? I have no idea, I’ve never heard of anybody doing this.

Apparently one of his members had done his homework and, secluded at the end of one of the boss strategies he was watching was this little trick. The man was promptly given a promotion.

Good job I say! I can’t wait to try this the next time I’m in Zul’Aman with a hunter!

*I’ve nothing against hunters, I love hunters! But damn has he got a LOT of them.

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    • kal
    • September 3rd, 2008

    I’d not heard of anyone doing this either. That’s awesome. And horrible. And awesome.

  1. Yeah, I’m somewhere between horrible and awesome on this as well. Guess it’s too late for them to fix that up with a patch. Or is it?!

    • Siobhann
    • September 10th, 2008

    That’s really standard on my server. I’d say half the ZA raids I’ve run with have done it. It works with a lock’s demon too.

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