Special Note on Druid Fun

That snowball macro I posted yesterday? You know, the one for mid-air combat?


About that?

Don’t try it with Heavy Leather Balls.

Heavy Leather Balls acctivate the Global Cool-Down, Snowballs do not. GCD activated means you have to wait and manually click to get back into bird form, can we see where this is going here?

Thankfully, last night I had the foresight to test this out while still relatively close to the ground. UNfortunately I had filled my inventory with Heavy Leather Balls prior to testing this out. The result? I was running around Shatt for a good hour pelting people with balls until I just decided to share the ‘fun’ with my guild and plopped the last few stacks in our bank.

Now, granted, if you’re doing this game with another druid, and are flying very high, there’s nothing stopping you from tossing balls at them then manually shifting back into bird. But lets face it, that’s not nearly as much fun as doing it with snowballs 😉

As for the Druid Macros of Yesterday –

Final versions are up. Those are the ones that work and the ones that are totally awesome. Thanks everyone for your input! (all two of you) 😉

In other news…

I bought Spore.

I’m already addicted.

I made dragon people… completely on accident.

More time as a creature plzkthx?

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