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No, I’m not pregnant… (I only WISH)

Mr Tigerfeet brought home a new kitten yesterday. He assured me it was a girl. We’ve already got a boy cat about two years old (fixed) and a girl cat (un-fixed,  but not for long) that’s a little over 1 year old. We’ve been together for three years and each year have gotten a cat… I hope this doesn’t turn into a trend?

Anyway, poor little kitty was in very sad shape. When his sister found it, it was wandering drunken-ly on the sidewalk, thin as a rail, with an eye crusted shut and it’s whiskers cut clean off. So, he called me at work to ask if I’d be ok taking in another kitty. After his assurances that it was a girl cat and we’d be in no danger of impregnating the prissy little princess we already had, I said alright.

I got home, and I’m convinced this little ball of fluff is a HE. But, it doesn’t bug me all that much. We’ve named him Nibbles, (our other cats are Virgo (male tabby) and Lily (female calico)). The poor little guy is TINY. You could fit three of him in a regular water bottle. He’s also very round… well, since we fed him he’s very round.

I feel so bad for him and his missing whiskers. They’re so short, and cut VERY evenly… he’s got little spikes coming out of his face. He wanders around kind of lost but is very very affectionate. We’ve washed his eyes too and he’s bright and alert, acting every inch the healthy kitten.

Alright, I just checked this place and yup, little nibbles is undeniably male. Mr Tigerfeet? You fail at sexing kittens. But, now that he’s in our house I don’t think we’ll be getting rid of him. I’m way too soft-hearted. Unfortunately, we now have two male tabby cats. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to tell them apart when Nibbles is grown!

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  1. You know, I’ve sort of got a trend going too… I’ve gotten a new cat every summer for the last 3 summers, I really hope I can make it next summer without picking up a 4th! 3 cats is PLENTY for a two-bedroom apartment.

    Hope little Nibbles gets all healthy, and I’m glad he’s found a good home! Hopefully he checks out well with the vet… we all know how much vet repair bills cost 😦

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