Here’s an update

Still not gone, hurrah! And bulleted lists are fun >^..^<

  • Being able to eat more often than once every 3 days is jawesome. I are not snakey kthx.
  • My sister’s birthday is in two days, I have that long to learn how to paint feathers.
  • I made art, just to prove to myself that I still can. He’s little on purpose. Pixeling is hard.
  • Yesterday was the second time this year my route home has been altered because of a traffic accident involving death, both were within 10 miles of home. (and I live out in the boonies)
  • I’m finally on the PTR and hating…. let me reiterate… HATING paladins. Do not want to be stun-locked by a pally. I won’t rant, and I’m sure I need to do some L2P, but it’s made me huffy.
  • The PvP realm PTR is quite spacious. I like it.
  • I do more damage, but I suck more at PvP…. I know, I need to L2P.
  • Good thing I get 4 character copies, I sold most of my (seemingly) superfluous armor and now I want it back.
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  1. You live! Huzzah! And I love your little pixel art. I hate to ask, but is it a troll? Or perhaps something not related to World of Warcraft at all? It’s difficult to tell due to the small size. Either way, I think it rather spiffy; I couldn’t do something like that!

    • Tigerfeet
    • September 30th, 2008

    Oh he does look kinda troll-ish doesn’t he? And I’m sorry you hate to ask, because I love to tell! It’s a Jothani, and his name is Laok. I’m writing a novel in my spare time. There’s more info on my LJ page here: You can follow links to my DA page if you’d like to see more spiffy art too, but I won’t twist your arm 😉

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