You All… Hate Me?

What the crap?

I cobbled up my post for today and then…. and then… *eyes well with tears and that awful heart-wrenching female tauren crying erupts*

Well, I’m not one to panic without trying to find out the facts….

*sounds of Mr. Tigerfeet laughing his face off in the background*

You’ll see by my super high-tech amazing additive graphics (little red circles yo) that whatever it was that ate my readers has struck before. So, it’s just a hiccup, you don’t all hate me (even if you do I’ll keep telling myself that) and feedburner is just being funky.

Does anybody else use feedburner? Anyone else notice this quirky little oddity?

Edit: Upon further investigation I’ve noticed that the vast majority of subscriptions come from Google reader, and, as luck would have it, today, all my google reader subscribers are missing. Curiouser and curiouser.


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  1. It happens all the time with Feedburner, don’t worry it will be fine in a day or two

    • Tigerfeet
    • October 15th, 2008

    Good to know! I’d figured it was something like that, seeing as apparently it’s happened before, I just hadn’t noticed xD

  2. Yeah, this is pretty common with Google Feedfetcher. once in a while it “forgets” to report subscriber numbers through to Feedburner.

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