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how do i make my druid say things when changing form

That ^ up there, was in my ‘top searches’ section. Apparently, people who want to know how to inject some more fun into the already crazy-fun times that is the druid have found their way to my site.

How exciting!

This isn’t something I’ve blogged about, but it IS something I know how to do! For a long time when leveling I would run around and, when shifting into cheetah form I’d scream “Mew Mew ZOOOOOOOOM!” My other forms all had their own silly little catch-phrases to go with.

Now that I’m a big Druid and all grown up I don’t have room on my action bars for extra shift macro buttons. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t think they’re lots of fun! Maybe there’s a macro out there that will streamline this with a script or something, but for now, the only way I know to do this, is with a macro.

I will demonstrate with my fun little cheetah macro.

Step 1.

In chat, type /macro. This will bring up the macro toolbox.

Step 2.

Click ‘New’ to create a new macro. A new toolbox will pop up. In the top field type in the name of the macro. Here we’ll call it “Travel”. Make sure you have the question mark symbol selected.

Step 3.

Select the macro in the macro toolbox if it’s not already selected. In the box on the bottom type the following:


/cast Travel Form


Step 4.

Drag the macro icon from your macro toolbox onto your action bar and enjoy!

I’ve also done this with my mage. I have a polymorph macro that I enjoy quite a bit. The code for it reads:


/cast Polymorph

/s Baah baah %t, have you any wool?

The %t will insert your target’s name. So if you’re polymorphing saaaay… a Raging Devilsaur, it will read “Baah baah Raging Devilsaur, have you any wool?”

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