Something Smells Like Tiger Feet!

That’s Tigerfeet JENKINS to you buddeh!

That’s right! You may now all address me formally as Sergent Tigerfeet Jenkens, myus.

We went for a merry old jaunt into Molten Core (My first time ever yayz) to help our hunters get orange Core Hounds. I got to tank, and I got to be intensely frustrated by my interface completely flipping out. I even opened a GM ticket about it. Turns out the joke was on me, here’s what happened.

Once upon a time Tigerfeet was playing with her spiffy new laptop. She liked milk so much she had a glass near the computer. Something happened and the glass of milk was poured all over the keyboard. Much screaming and head-banging later the computer lay in pieces on the floor next to theat register, draining, and she was off to work. (It’s an Alienware see, and came with a manual that included carefully detailed instructions on its disassembly-WIN).

She got back from work, found her computer dry, and re-assembled it. The boot up was prompt and everything seemed to be working fine apart from some sticking with the on-board mouse clicks. That is until she tried to type. Turns out all the letters and keys in the lower left-hand corner of the keyboard no longer worked. So, since acts of stupidity weren’t covered in the warranty she borrowed and old broken-down usb keyboard from a friend.

Fast-forward to a year later. She now has a spiffy new usb keyboard (not wireless) and the loss of the on-board keyboard doesn’t bother her (read: she’s too lazy to call Alienware and order a new part).

Why am I talking in the third person? Anyway, my interface was flipping out, randomly A and D would turn into strafe buttons instead of turn, my mouse would lock into the -view- mode and moving it would cause my camera to oscilalte wildly. I was at my wit’s end, opened a GM ticket, turned off all my mods, re-started WoW….

So what was the problem? My keyboard cord was caught under the keyboard… and was pressing against the still-active regular keyboard keys. I resituated the keyboard, made sure the cord wasn’t doing anything naughty, and… continued on merrily with my life. I’m just thankful I figured it out before a GM got around to trying to help me with my problem.

Perhaps I should hang a “If error, problem exists between keyboard and chair” sign on my computer… eh-heh, that might help!

So, we got our three hunters their spiffy orange Core Hounds, and everybdy has pretty much unanimously decided that the stomping and the shaking has to go. It was a nice idea, and until I actually had to attempt to play with three core hounds running around, it sounded awesome. In practice, however, it gets old fast.

After the core hounds we cleared as many bosses as we could, but nobody had water so we didn’t get to peek at Ragnaros.

We then broke the ‘raid’ up into two groups and went to go get our Jenkins titles. Let me tell you, I had run UBRS a couple of times pre-BC, not on Tigerfeet but as a warrior tank for a friend who had to go do something else. I remember how carefully we all had to tread through the rookery, tensions were high, if you hatched eggs you would be smited (if not by welps then by your fellow raid members).

I cannot describe to you the amount of pure, unadulterated joy was had by me when Pilsner asked me to “Ok Tiger, go pull the dragons”. I ran in, and stomped all the eggs. I hatched them, I hatched them ALL! Someone asked “Hey I think we’ve got enough for the title, how many did you hatch Tiger?”


I shuffled back to the middle of the room and no more than two swipes and a third of a hurricane later we were all sporting the Jenkins title. Seriously, if it took 3 seconds I would be suprised. It was a beautiful thing.

New swipe by the way? Oh holiest druids who have come before… there has never been a mechanic more fun and entertaining. I swipe core hounds, I swipe welps, I swipe Alliance, I WILL SWIPE THE WORLD! BWAAAAAH!

Kitty feral charge is lots of fun too, but being able to AOE tank is georgeous. There’s still a target requirement, and I got lots of ‘You must be facing your target’ and ‘You’re out of range’ messages that were rather aggravating. I’d heard they were removing the target requirement, and I hope so. That’s the only thing keeping swipe from being my all-time favorite druid skill. AOE Tanking? I’ve got your AOE tanking right HERE!

Other thoughts on the run, I didn’t take damage for crap. I think my healers were bored. (or so effective that I didn’t notice a drop in my health once)

I did have trouble holding aggro. I was crazy rage-starved, but I think that’s probably more a result of running against 62 elites than it was the fault of the new aggro mechanics.

The new omen is neat, getting used to it.

Most importantly, don’t let your keyboard cord slip under the keyboard. It can and will wreak all kinds of havoc.

Swipe is fun. Swipe is frighteningly fun.

Oh, and I got to rez someone, out of combat, yay!

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  1. Just a little note about your healers… they were DPSing.

    Also, please for to pull all of Scholo at once and let me Hurricane my little heart out.

    • Tigerfeet
    • October 17th, 2008

    It’s a date! 😀

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