You There! With The Branches!

Are you talkin’ to me?

Are you talkin’ to ME?

Well, if said talking was being done yesterday around midday then yes, perhaps you could have been talking to me.

And my branches.

Now, this wasn’t another incident of a hunter, a warrior, a druid and two mages walk into a bar… No, this was more like ‘I need my Naaru title and I need it NOW’, with not a healer in sight.

I had my Magtheridon kill, I had my Nightbane and Gruul kills, I had turned in said kill to A’dal like the good little druid that I was. All I was missing was a breif jaunt into Heroic Slave Pens. And there was not a healer in sight.

So I hemmed and I hawwed and, making an executive decision plucked Mr Tigerfeet by the scruff of the neck to tank for me and brought along a warlock buddy of mine who also needed the title, a couple more DPS rounded out the party and, after a quick jaunt to the Moonglade I was sporting leaves instead of fur. (I can hardly believe it, but I think the previous sentence is actually gramatically correct)

I had wood, and I was stiff.

If you’re a feral, and must find yourself, for whatever reason, filling in for a healing spot make sure, above all, that you’re bringing with you an understanding group. Some of my mistakes included:

  • Loading up the tank with HoTs before he had proper threat.
  • Not screaming my head off when I got aggro and allowing myself to be hacked in two.
  • Healing the DPS and forgetting the tank.
  • Using my wrong rez out of combat.
  • Forgetting that I was soulstoned (seriously, nobody soulstones a feral, I’m not used to the attention!)

But after some initial growing pains I didn’t do too badly. Wild Growth is really a wonderful skill.

When all was said and done we’d killed the first boss and the second (mmm, lobster din-din) and then called it. Vladante and I only needed to get past the second boss, but Mr. Tigerfeet needed two badges and the DPS was just glad to be doing something that didn’t offer the opportunity for zombie infection.


Now, a breif note about the Zombie infestation and those whining about it.


It started with a few suspicious boxes in Booty Bay. It escalated to plagued vermin in all major cities until finally the Argent healers were run so ragged and the infection so viral that the zombies fair outnumbered us all!

Nobody, no game company, no… NOBODY is going to ramp something up to such a fever pitch THAT quickly and KEEP the danger that high. It doesn’t make for good storytelling, it doesn’t make for fun gameplay.

I can tell all of you out there that the zombie cure has been discovered and *checks watch* as of an our or two, the zombies will be gone.

Similar to the original opening of Naxxramas and, before that, Ahn’Quiraj, this was a special world event. Such events are rare and, as such, should be treasured and enjoyed. It won’t last forever and if yesterday you felt like pulling your hair out while you were trying to innocently browse the auction house, well, trust me, it’s gone before you know it.

Things like this add a wonderful feel of ‘I was there when’ to the game. WoW is approaching 4 years old isn’t it? There’s a good deal of history there, not lore, but real history (you know, the kind that can’t be altered on a whim? *grumble*)

So I hope you enjoyed getting to maraud as a zombie, I know I certainly did. Infecting all of ratchet single-handedly had me in a fit of giggling. Now though, the zombies are gone, not to come again.

I’ll miss them, but I can expect that Blizzard will have something else planned for us as the date of WotLK release draws near.

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  1. Healing sure is a whole other ball game, eh? It’s nice that you’re getting some experience in it though Tiger, trying out different roles is one of the beauties of being a druid! *jealous*

    I have mixed feelings about the zombie invasion. While I do think it is neat to be turned into a zombie and be able to infect people and such, I think it was slightly unfair and highly annoying that there was no safety for those who wanted a break from the event, like my level 10 alt, who was killed every few feet trying to get around Ironforge. I just hope there were no new players starting the game during the invasion!

    While obviously I am a huge supporter of world events, and I love Blizzard for having them, I don’t feel like they should be imposed upon people. Sure, it’s only for a few days, I know. That doesn’t change it though. One thing that makes this game great is the fact that everything is optional, and you can do pretty much whatever you choose. This zombie thing didn’t follow with that, and that got to me.

  2. I really enjoyed the zombie event from a “live the lore” sort of perspective. As a young Forsaken warlock back when I first started playing, my first real memorable taste of the Scourge was in Agamand Mills. If you recall, the quests there involve defeating the former residents, one of which had betrayed his family and allowed the Scourge to come in and overtake the farmstead.

    Seeing the larger world view of that quest in action during this past week’s Scourge Invasion ZombieFest was pretty interesting. However, unlike the folks at Agamand Mills, we aren’t forever doomed to a life of zombie-dom. But we did get to experience being infected by and spreading the plague whether we wanted to or not. I dunno, it kinda gave me a sense of “this is what we’re fighting against, and this is why we’re doing it” in preparation for Wrath of the Lich King.

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