Da Bullz!

I was THERE!

I made a baby tauren, named her Tigerfeet, rolled her as a hunter, and spent most of the day leveling in preparation for taming Mazzranache and naming it Floyd. Well, I couldn’t find Mazzranache, but I did tame a white tallstrider just in the nick of time to take part in the Run for Ezra.

It was a phenomenal event, truly wonderful. Thank you so much to BRK for putting it on, and a huge thanks to Heifera who was tirelessly handing out free tabards to the 500+ new guild members.

Running around a Mulgore packed with new baby druids was a real treat. I had boycotted WoW for its first few months of existence and wasn’t high level enough to experience the joy that was Hellfire Penninsula on opening night. In retrospect it sounded like a rather painful experience, but leveling this past Saturday was the farthest thing from painful that I could think of.

There were people literally everywhere. The random spawn generator did a valiant job of keeping up with the mass genocide of Mulgore wildlife, and if I had to wait my turn for some of the more rare mobs, well, people were more than willing to group up so that we could all share the kill. There was no camping, and there were no name-calling.

Everyone there had clustered for one reason. To remember and respect the memory of a small boy who was tragically taken from this world much too soon. While I was checking my track beasts so I could find Kyle the Frenzied for Ahab I was getting teary eyed. I stood for a moment and listened to him speak. Ezra’s voice, to never be heard again, was preserved here as the voice of this one seemingly inconsequential NPC. I was quite touched.

Unfortunately BRK’s epic battle was to never be. The GMs intervened and asked everyone, for the sake of server stability, to disperse, which we did quickly. I logged out having just cleared Booty Bay, deleted little Tigerfeet, and meandered on back to Hydraxis. I did make sure to make a pit stop at the Make A Wish foundation and donate what I could.

So thank you BRK, and thank you citizens of Argent Dawn for putting up with us. It was truly epic!

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