Preparing for the Inevitable

This Thursday folks. It’s Tuesday now. That makes two more days (counting today) before we’re standing huddled in a game store somewhere on midnight waiting eagerly for our copies of Wrath of the Lich King!

I know lots of people have posted about what they’re doing to get ready, be it grinding money, emptying thier bank, what have you. I myself am somewhat of a procrastinator, and my bank and inventory look much the same as they did when Unemployed’s raiding ground to a halt.

So far, getting ready for me has amounted to me futzing around with Pantherfeet… Hey, I figured I’d see what life was ike for the other half of the Druids out there, and in an odd twist of fate, Pantherfeet struck me as a rather masculine name. You can find him running around Westfall at about this level, just call him Pantherfeet, the chicken vendor. He’s been conscripted to procure chickens for Mr. Tigerfeet and Co.

On a tangent, got a very promising call yesterday, will be on the phone with some people tonight, pray for me, cross your fingers, hopefully after tonight I’ll have a huge load of stress off my chest.

My bank now, did I mention it’s a mess? It’s probably way too late to unload all those primals I’m carying around and the stacks of enchanting materials. I probably won’t even bother trying actually. Those will most likely go to a vendor. (Actually, I should probably just throw it all in the Unemployed Bank, you hear that Pils? INCOMING!)

What I’m debating is my alternate armor sets. Since I hit 70 and started tanking I’ve held on to EVERYTHING. I’ve got my T6 ready tank set, my T5 ready DPS set, my barely-heroic ready healing set, and a Kara-ready bear set complete with three different weapon options. That’s what… four full sets of gear? Damn! Talk about hordeing (lol) I’m still carrying around some darkmoon cards and my carrot on a stick (I will NEVER get rid of that thing, I don’t care if it doesn’t work anymore).

So the choice is in front of me, what do I get rid of and when. I know that all the lower-level stuff has to go. The clefthoof set and accouterments at least. I’m trying to morph my kitty kit and my bear kit into one comprehensive set, but I’m having trouble with it.

My wiggle-stick does more damage, but the sparkly Hyjal one is… sparkly… and has mongoose.

Decisions decisions.

I do know, that once I get to 80 and gearing up with new epics the only pieces I’m going to hang on to are my tier-4 gear. I really like the look of the Malorne set and I knew I’d hang onto that for a good long time.

The part that’s causing me to wriggle is what to do with my gimpy healing kit. Trust me, it’s a mess and I look goofy as all get out. But there’s still that nagging thought in the back of my head that’s whispering “what if, what if, what if”. What if they need me to heal? What if I’m their only hope? I could be Obi-Wan to their Leia!

I think, what will end up happening, is I will tank an instance or two and realise that we have enough, and more than enough healers willing to do the job and then I’ll finally have the guts to clean out that sub-standard armor. We shall see.

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  1. Yeah, I was in your boat. I leveled in outlands as boomkin, then raided mainly as a resto druid, THEN, I spec’d back to feral to tank and level in Northrend. So I have so many different sets of gear coupled with random things that I might just need one day. My bank is full of 16 slots and I feel I’ll run out soon. I’m now just starting to use my bank alt seriously.

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