It’s 2am, Do You Know Where Your Wrath Is?

General post this morning.

Mr. Tigerfeet was a doll last night. He ran out to pick up our copies of Wrath from the closest game store (a 30-45 minute drive depending on deer) while I waited impatiently back at the house.

I wasn’t completely idle, I took the opportunity to attempt to hijack the zepplin twice before I got bored of being ‘ported to the nearest graveyard. It was actually rather entertaining. The first time I did it I don’t think anyone on the zepplin had the expansion pack, so we’d been giddily jumping around on deck one moment and the next we were standing in a graveyard looking bewildered and chagrined. The phrase ‘Owned’ comes to mind.

After I exhausted the entertainment available down that path I wandered over to Pantherfeet and puttered around Westfall for a bit.

Oh, before that I helped Mr Tigerfeet get a chicken pet.

I was clucking for a solid hour and a half.

Problem was, the first time the chicken responded Mr Tigerfeet was clucking too, so I missed it and kept on clucking. The second time the chicken responded I’d wanted to show him the quest text. I said “Hey huny, come here, quickly… no, QUICKLY… like RIGHT NOW COME HERE!”

He arraived just in time to register the fact there was a quest window on the screen before it closed as the chicken went back to being a regular chicken. I hadn’t accepted the quest.


So I kept on clucking.

The sound of a male Night Elf clucking is really annoying.

no… amazingly annoying. The half-hearted ‘bok bok bok’ing’ of the male orc /chicken emote is at least entertaining, but the skill of the male Night Elf in producing a shrill clucking noise and undulating his long elfish body is just disturbing.

Eventually though we did get Mr Tigerfeet his chicken. I made an announcement over the Exiles ventrilo that went something like this “The Pantherfeet chicken emporium is now closed for the evening. No further orders for chickens will be accepted as demand has exceeded the patience of the supplier. Please check back for chicken availability at a later date.”

I also got in on a deadmines run. I was lvl 13. It was, entertaining. I laughed and referred to my group as my ‘babysitters’. Nobody was obnoxiously high level, the highest level we had there was a lvl 30, so it wasn’t like it was some kind of massive run-through loot-fest for the lowbies, but we didn’t have any trouble either. I, of course, pulled aggro… all the time. Not from in-combat mobs, but from everything else for miles around.

C’est la vie. I was raised on Wailing Caverns, Deadmines got nothin’ on me!

Finally though, Mr Tigerfeet arraived home with copies of Wrath in hand!

I installed, and patched, and waited and then finally I was in. Woo-hoo! I took the zepplin from Orgrimmar to Honor Hold in the Borean Tundrah and picked up my first quest. Then I went and found the Wind Rider master, got the flight point, and logged out.

My next order of business was to create Pox, my Death Knight. I had planned on waiting a few weeks to create him. I was convinced of this paranoid notion that my DK name was so amazingly awesome, when I deleted my placeholder it would be stolen from me while I was in character creation.

My fears were unfounded and now I have a really neat looking Troll Death Knight that’ll tell you in great detail, echoing all the way that “They say that if you cut off an extremity it’ll regenerate a little bigger…. don’t believe it.”

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