Obligatory First Day Out Post

This isn’t obligatory? Oh, I really think it is. Of course every blogger out there needs to natter on about what they did and what they thought about their first solid block of playtime in Northrend!

First of all, I stayed up way too late, and by some miracle Mr Tigerfeet woke up and poked me at exactly the right time so that I could hustle out of bed and get to work… I was only 4 minutes late, go me!

Last night, however, was a blast. We went out to eat then came back and I was in a rotten mood about something. So I logged in and I wasn’t online for more than 30 seconds when a buddy of mine /w me begging me to tank the Nexus.

Aaaaw c’mon, I don’t want to tank! I want to do some quests! So I told him to bugger off and went out to go kill things… and most things were dead already. Ugh! I don’t want to fight people for kills… ok, I guess I’ll go tank The Nexus.

Before I start talking about the two starting zone instances, I want to remind everybody that I have obnoxiously bad luck with falling into things and getting stuck or killed.

With that in mind I’d like to petition Blizzard to put guard rails on the Nexus. Those floating platforms are dangerous people! Step lightly, and don’t fall off.

So, The Nexus. It’s really pretty. Very sparkly and cold-looking. Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • The little flower guys before the 3rd boss come back after a little while. This is a low-key gauntlet. You don’t need to push through hard and fast like you were playing through Zul’Aman, but don’t linger. Keep up a steady pace and you’ll be fine.
  • The third boss is pretty neat. He can be amazingly easy or ridiculously hard depending on how attentive your group is. He shoots out ice spikes that do a LOT of damage if you’re standing on them. If you’re not standing on them you’re just fine. They’re very obvious, just don’t stand on the spikes and he’ll be dead before you know it.
  • The second boss gave us some trouble. The group had me, as a druid tank, a priest for healing, and three mages for dps. We wiped on our first two tries, but got closer and more refined with each successive attempt. By the third try this is what we were doing: I would tank the boss on the far side of the platform and everyone else would stay as far away from me as possible. One of the mages was designated as ‘DPS leader’ and he directed where we were to focus-fire on the portals. More than one can spawn at a time so this is important. If someone aggroed a spirit they were to run to me and call out that they had aggro so that I knew they were coming and I could switch targets to pick off the mob. Then they were to run and get as far away as possible. The portals act a little bit like Curator’s sparks, they chain lightning, so in a group with pure-mage dps it’s important to keep them away.
  • The First boss was a fun, entertaining, tank & spank. She’ll shoot out tentacles and make everyone fly around so healers keep your tank topped off. Tanks, when she finally puts you back down go ahead and use charge to get back in and then it’s business as usual.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to the last boss. Mr Tigerfeet and his guild was defeated and determined they’re not geared enough to handle it quite yet. I wanted to take a try at him, but two of our mages had to go.

I was eager to call the group because <Unemployed> needed a tank for Utgarde Keep and I was feeling guilty about tanking for <Exiles> instead of <Unemployed>

That run was a whole lot of fun, very easy-going too. We didn’t wipe at all, but then everyone in the group had been raiding Mount Hyjal while the <Exiles> group I’d been in had some pre-T4 geared members. Not a big deal, and not a matter of skill, just experience.

So our Utgarde keep run was almost flawless. The Last Boss took a couple of tries though. Here’s the break-down:

  • This is a two-phase fight. You will kill him ridiculously easily then a Valkyrie will come and raise him as an undead (complete with model change which is pretty cool). During the second phase he hits a good deal harder and his aoe shadow smash skill is MONSTEROUS.
  • I was hit with his aoe crap for over 10K… my health wasn’t at maximum so I was dead. That’s pretty much how our first attempt went.
  • Our second attempt I was gently reminded of the pillars. These can present a problem for your healers. If you’re tanking him make sure not to run behind a pillar, you’ll be out of LoS and you’ll have trouble.
  • Our group consisted of myself, a boomkin, hunter, shadow priest and a healer shaman. (I feel oblidged to say that the group consisted of three females, two homosexuals, and a canadian, I love diversity! 😀 )
  • For the fight in which we killed him we did some specific things: Priest blessed us all with shadow protection, that helped mitigate his shadow stomping a TON. The raid stayed as far away from the boss and I as possible, thus staying out of range of his silencing shadow shout. I did not run behind pillars. And then he was dead, when we did this we had no problems what so ever. It was great.

After running The Nexus and Utgarde Keep it was more than time for me to go to bed. Oh, there’s one more thing about that night.

After UK I ran with my guild over to the Howling Fjord undead city and Pilsner was exclaiming her joy with the fact that there’s a gate on the Fjord lift to prevent the unwary from hurling themselves off to their death. Only she didn’t mention a gate.

What she said was “I like how you can’t accidently run off the side of the lift here, not like in Shattrath”.

I hadn’t seen the gate, we got there just as the lift was coming up and, hearing that exclamation, assumed that there was an invisible bounding box around the lift that would prevent us from hurling ourselves to our death.

Of course I had to then try it out.

so, back to the conversation:

Pilsner: I like you you can’t accidently run off the side of the lift here, not like in Shattrath.”

Me: Ooh neat! /run forward.

Pilsner: Oh, Tiger wait!

Me: Rez plz.

My armor was also totally broken. They laughed, I laughed, Pilsner got to practice her out of combat rez and much joy was had by all!

Tonight I’m looking forward to maybe getting some quests done, we’ll see. I’m also hoping the nice weather holds long enough for me to finally plant some garlic before snows cake over everything! (garlic is planted in the fall like tulip bulbs and hibernates over the winter to sprout and be harvested in the spring)

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  1. Go go guard rails! Hmm dont stand on the psikes have to remember that ( ie yes i died horribly first attempt at that boss) Regarding last boss at nexus if you have a holy priest make sure he tosses down a light well and party uses it, it helps alot

    • Pilsner
    • November 14th, 2008

    The last boss in Nexus is actually pretty straightforward. The trick is to just keep moving. Cast, jump, cast, jump. Or smack, strafe, smack, strafe. It’s not a gear check as much as it is an awareness check. PVP trinkets help somewhat for those that can’t dispel the ice chains, but I just kept my chicken ass shifting whenever I found myself chained.

    I ran it with a (less than stellar and probably half-asleep) Warrior tank, Holy Priest, (bitchy) Rogue, and Enh Shaman. Honestly, Tooth and I tanked most of the trash. As far as the portals went, since I was the only ranged I just burned them down while everyone else took care of the other things. Lots of AOE fun was to be had in the area with the little sprout people.

    • Tigerfeet
    • November 14th, 2008

    Awareness checks eh? That’s not really something we’ve seen in 5-mans before, sounds like training for more complicated 10-25 mans! 😀

    • Ace
    • November 15th, 2008

    Sister, I’m with ya on the getting stuck/falling off stuff. I always blame it on my fat kodo Ribeye. In fact, I may have been stuck in the same tree in Nagrand once.
    Bridges in TB? Check.
    Bridges in STV? Check.
    Stairways in UC? Check.
    The worst one was shortly after my arrival in Outland. I was leveling with my druid buddy (I play a hunter) and we got invited to BF. I didn’t even know where Hellfire Citadel was, let alone how to get to it, so I’m following my buddy, whose kodo was always faster than mine for some inexplicable reason. Make it up the stairway and across the first rampart, then there’s a quick corner to turn and the portal is right there. Ribeye takes the corner too sharp and somehow his blubbery body fits through the gap and *wham* …. we’re on some tower below the rampart which seems to have no way to get off of it. We had to be summoned from the summon stone.
    I have had less trouble since getting a nice thin but very tall Talbuk. I think if I ever got a Mammoth I’d be afraid to let it move. lol

    • Tigerfeet
    • November 16th, 2008

    Ace – Man oh man, I was totally laughing out loud. I’ve got a post incoming on Monday detailing my first adventures in Dalaran… and the sewer, and the dangers of having your view distance too low…..

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