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  • Tanking Tanked
  • Lovin’ your Pets
  • Dungeoning Blind!
  • Northrend’s Need for Guard Rails
  • Of Experience and the Possession Thereof
  • The Quest That Made it All Worthwhile

I think I’m going to limit my rambling to the first three of those posts, and forgo from listing any more than 6. Needless to say, my weekend rocked. I rocked Northrend and still managed to get a decent amount of sleep, watch a movie, and get groceries AND ding 73 all before bedtime on Sunday!

Tanking Tanked – It’s fun, and interesting, and requires an understanding and high-spirited group. Mr Tigerfeet decided that we’d celebrate being geeks this weekend by both getting smashed and playing WoW together. He was having bourbon and mixing it with various cola products, I was attempting to re-create a martini without vermouth and getting yelled at for eating all the olives. In the end I found myself sucking on a nice tall glass of gin and juice with a healthy dose of ginger ale thrown in for fizz and bite. I do so enjoy gin.

So, I’d listened to some guildies run Azjol’Nerub, or, as our guild leader dubbed it ‘Azz-rub’. My thoughts were, it’s a 15-minute instance? 30? Wow, short sweet to the point! I HAVE to run this thing! I leveled my face off to get to 72 and as soon as I dinged (already lit pretty bright from the gin) I sent out a guild call for peeps willing to run AN with a less-than-stable tank. Finding the group wasn’t that hard and one of the dps even jokingly said if he pulled aggro it was because he was sober.

So we ventured in and started having fun! First impressions, it’s a small AQ without the copious egyptian motifs. After the first boss, first impressions went something like this…. OMG SPIDERS EEEEEEEEEEEW!

I’m torn between giving you all a blow-by-blow of the bosses and letting you experience it yourselves. I think I’ll temporize and tread the middle ground.

  • First Boss: The groups in front will pull individually, but once begun they come on your own, be alert and be ready.
  • Second Boss: Be careful of the adds when pulling the trash. Pull back, and don’t aggro. Then, wait for the boss to come to you, but don’t let the trash kill him (apparently it’s possible).
  • Third Boss: Getting to the third boss is really REALLY fun. You’ll see why. Killing the third boss – Make sure everyone runs in at the same time, our first attempt we were forced to try to 3-man him. We were 10% or so away from doing it too with a tank, a healer, and one dps. Rocks will bounce on the ground from time to time, get off these, there will be spikes. Spikes hurt.

All-in-all, we had two or three wipes, and both could have easily happened even if I wasn’t drunk, so everyone was in pretty good spirits and we all had a lot of fun. After that I wandered back over to the Exiles vent where Mr Tigerfeet was holding forth and making an idiot of himself. I helped stage a coup with the officers and we hustled him off before he got even more obnoxious. (We’re both rather happy drunks and people tell us that they thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mr Tigerfeet that night)

Lovin Your Pets – If you haven’t gone to Dalaran, you need to do so now. Dalaran is, I think, the best city ever. It’s big, but not obnoxiously so, it’s a little confusing, but eventually you’ll get your bearings. There’s tall places, and deep places, and places you’ll get kicked out of and, most awesome-est of all… a pet shop.

The things she sells are so much fun that I don’t even mind buying them from a gnome. Fo’realzies. You’ll notice that in the link, she’s reported as selling only two items. Well, when I visited her she was selling four different items. Pull out a pet, and read on.

  • Fetch Ball: Acts kind of like an AOE or a Stick of Dynamite. You right-click the item then click somewhere on your map. You’ll throw a ball and your minipet will go and bring it back.
  • Pet Treat: These make your pet happy! A little heart will float above its head, ridiculously cute.
  • Wash Bucket: Right-click then click on your pet, a splash of water and then your pet will be sparkly clean!
  • Rope Pet Leash: This is a lot of fun. A rope connects from your hand to your pet’s neck.

So, I couldn’t resist, I bought a little bit of everything she had to offer and tried them all out. I played a little fetch, then washed up my Emerald Whelpling and gave him a treat. Shiny and Happy I decided to comply with a self-imposed Dalaran leash law and took him out for a jog. Little did I know, an orc warlock was doing the exact same thing, only he was walking. I’ve heard it called the RP walk. So, I joined him! Soon enough we attracted another such pet-lover and the three of us waltzed around the central trade district of Dalaran for five to ten minutes.

Click to embiggenate!

Click to embiggenate!

I could not stop laughing!

Dungeoning Blind! – Last night, after dinging 73 I had the joy of running Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom with some guildies. Here were the results:

Click to embigginate!

Click to embigginate!

Yea, that’s the last boss, and he’s dead, and we’re all super-proud of ourselves! First off, we all felt that this was a really, really fun instance and one we wouldn’t mind running over and over and over as a heroic. The trash was negligible, enough to make things interesting but not so much that we felt like we were slogging through endless waves to get to a boss.

The instance itself is kind of sprawling, we ran into a couple of dead-ends and did a circle or two before we managed to find the final boss (there’s 4, by the way).

One thing I’m NOT going to do here is talk about any of the bosses specifically. Each fight has a twist, and the final boss can give you such a head spin that figuring out what to do on your own can really lead to a huge feeling of accomplishment.

That’s why we gethered ’round and took a ‘first kill’ screenshot. Ours was our first guild sojurn into AK and it was ridiculously fun. No one had been there before, no one had any idea what the bosses would do, and we all attacked as a team with the common goal and elation of seeing fresh new content for the very first time!

So, I heartily recommend giving blind dungeons a shot. There will be some growing pains, we weren’t without a wipe or two, but the sheer amount of fun to be had outweighs even the largest repair bill! We’ve noticed too that Northrend dungeons are very aaaah, forgiving. There was a spot where we pulled 8 mobs. level 74-75 elites. Myself, the boomkin, and the shaman were 73, we had a 74 and a 77. The pull was crazy and I was swiping like there was no tomorrow, there was no room for CC because I would break it. I couldn’t stop swiping to pull the other mobs away from the CCd ones because then they’d aggro onto our healer. But nobody died, we killed them all.

The dungeons definitely feel easier, but the scripting of the boss fights made this instance so freaking fun that we didn’t mind the easiness all that much. We’ll have to wait and see what it’s like on heroic!

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    • Pilsner
    • November 17th, 2008

    I found out something REALLY interesting about the mechanics of the end boss in Ahn’kahet after our run (yeah I had to go look it up afterward). Without giving any substantive info away about it so as not to spoil it, I’ll just leave you with one word: phasing.

    • Tigerfeet
    • November 17th, 2008

    phasing, myus. After our first round of ‘getting it’ I figured that’s what was happening, maybe I should have mentioned something xD

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