For the Love of Freaking Everything!

Loot what you kill.


I’m begging you here.

I finally made my way into Sholazar Basin to partake in the legendary Nesingwary quests. Typically, the place was packed and kill-stealing ass-ish-ness was prevalent to a previous unheard of degree.

Well, I expected it. Everyone’s frantic to get through their quests and get to 80. Some guilds are already running 10-mans and I know some 80 have been frothing to get into heroics (mostly to the exclusion of everything else /grumble). So I can understand the rush.


But please, for all that is holy, LOOT WHAT YOU KILL!

There are people out there with tradeskills, and there are a lot, let me repeat, a LOT of mobs now that can be used by the gatherers out there, be they skinners, miners, herbalists, hell, even engineers!

You want a motorcycle? loot your kills.

You want armor patches? loot your kills.

You want gems to socket? loot your kills.

you want pots and glyphs? LOOT YOUR KILLS!

What brought on this uncharacteristically heated rant? Well I was in Sholazar Basin, all excited because of the Nesingwary quests. I’m a skinner/leatherworker by trade and he always sends me to kill things that I can skin. I get experience, quest exp, vendor trash, AND leather all in one, perfect questing as far as I’m concerned.

The kill-stealing didn’t bother me as much as it could have at first either. You see, if I can’t kill the mobs at least I could run around skinning things…

no wait, I couldn’t. People were running around killing everything in site and not looting once. I looked out at the dead rhinos and kitties, littering the ground as far as the eye could see. STACKS of leather for me that I couldn’t touch because someone decided it was more important to run through slaughtering everything in their path than it was to take a moment and loot what they killed.

I don’t care if you’re racing to 80. I have my auto-loot turned on and it doesn’t take more than two seconds, even during a lag spike, to loot and move on. Try it some time. As you loot that elemental think of the mining someone could get from it, think of all the gems on the AH that could be less expensive. Does it give you warm fuzzies? It should, you’re supporting your fellow players, and when you do that EVERYONE wins.

This message has been brought to you by Gatherers of Azeroth. We got what you need, srsly.™

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  1. It kind of bugs me too. I also don’t really get it. Why NOT loot your mobs? It’s like tossing gold in the trash! When my bags fill up, I head to the nearest vendor and I usually get anywhere from 8-13 gold in grey crap alone!

    At least you get to skin the mobs you kill yourself though, technically any extra mobs you get to skin are really just a bonus.

  2. Agreed! I never understood people who don’t loot their mobs… So many wasted resources in a resource starved community at the moment. 😦


    • Lithios
    • November 25th, 2008

    120% agree

    i was following this party that were decimating the mamoth population danceing with glee at all the bodies….only to find that out of a party of 4 no one was collecting loot….there were mammoth EVERYWHERE (tear).

    was actually quite spooky in a parrallel cowboy slaughtering buffalo kind of way..just so much waste… so much sadness. seriously who doesnt need loot? blues and green drop off mobs PPL! lol

    • Tigerfeet
    • November 25th, 2008

    And it’s not just the blues and greens, or, maybe that’s all they’re picking up. Maybe they’re just leaving all the grey items on the bodies. Problem is almost all grey trash stacks now, and if I ever fill up my inventory with grey stuff (which is rare) when I sell it I can easily make close to 100g on stacks of grey trash alone!

    But mostly I just want all that leather, and the chance for Arctic Fur.

    Mmmmmmm arctic furrrrrrr.

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