Growl, I’m a Bear!

Building a Bear Druid wasn’t quite as easy for me as building a Cat Druid.

However, I persevered and THIS is what I came up with.

When building a spec there’s a few things I do. I have a process, you might say. I sit down and look at the talent tree and… begin.

  1. First, I load up on one of the 5-point talents. Both Ferocity and Feral Aggression are beneficial to a bear, but my first goal is to get as deep into the tree as I can. So, I started with Ferocity as I always manage to forget to use Demoralizing Roar when I’m tanking (mad apologies to my healers).
  2. As I’m racing like a maniac down the tree, taking only talents that I perceive to be the bare minimum, I’ll eventually come to a level similar to the one that contains Nuturing Instinct. Now, that’s not a skill I want, really… ever. So I skip it, and find I need more points somewhere in feral to get deeper. This is where I’ll go back and start picking up talent skills that I had left behind.
  3. I worked my way deeper until I came face-to-face with Rend and Tear. It’s sitting there, on its own tier, it’s got to be important, right? I have to take it… right? WRONG! Skip it! It only benefits you if your target is bleeding. If you’re a kitty then your target had BETTER be bleeding all the time. If you’re a bear, well, not so much.
  4. So at that point I went back and picked up Feral Aggression so I could buy Berserk. Because all good kitties and bears know that Berserk=win.
  5. After I got berserk I halted and stepped on over to the resto tree. Nothing earth-shattering here, the talents I chose to take have been pretty standard for a good long time.
  6. Once there I was left with just two points. Where, oh where, would I put them? My options were Brutal Impact and Primal Precision. Being able to bash more often is good, especially now that the interrupt component of bash will work on targets that cannot be stunned (Romulo & Julianne anyone?). Primal Precision is of benefit because it adds 10 expertise. Expertise does… something. I’m really not sure what. It hangs out there somewhere in the annals of my mind under the heading of “Important but clueless about”. So, with that caveat I’m reccomending you invest into Brutal Impact. If I’m wrong let me know, hell maybe a point into each is the way to go?

So, there you have it, Tiger’s Top Bear Talents.

I’m delving into the world of being a Bear this morning because last night I finally dinged 80. It was somewhat anti-climactic, but I made it before our guild ‘officially’ stepped into Naxxramas. So, ‘officially’, I’ll be elegible for guild ‘firsts’.

I’m still not sure what I want to do, be it Bear or Cat. What I most want to do is fill the role that is most needed by my guild. But I also want to do both, tank and dps. This is pretty cost-prohibitive right now though because of the lack of a dual-spec system. I’ll have to wait and see what the roster holds.

For now, I’m ready with my bear spec!

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  1. Bear tanking build greatly depends on the raid make up. You don’t need Imp Dem. Roar if you have a prot warrior as another tank. Or you don’t need Infected Wounds if you have a arms or prot warrior with you.

    Honestly, the 2 rage points saved if you get from Shredding Attack isn’t going to save you much. Those points are better spent going into something else Like Primal Percison. I could even see my final raid build losing Brutal Impact depending on how many interrupts my group has. You need expertise as a tank. You’re always facing the front of the mob you are tanking and thus will be parried/dodge/miss you attacks. So it’s very important that you land your attacks to gain threat and to not parry gib yourself.

    Also, I haven’t seen any final word on how much we need to put into Feral Aggression. I think it was 3/5 in BC raiding. But we’ll see if that changed.

    Plus, dps ferals aren’t going to take Imp Leader of the Pack. So I feel it’s the bears that should have it. The healing is nice, I heal myself for like 800hp each crit right now. That really helps out over longer fights. Plus as a former healer, helps keep those melee characters up since they are lower on the healing importance.

    I have a strong idea of what my final build is. Right now I’m still a bit hybrid spec while I try and farm more money. So my final build isn’t set in stone either.

    So you can see how raid us bears have a much

  2. Oh, I forgot about Rend and Tear. That talent is a great buff in bear dps and tps. Though it’s much more of a boss talent than trash pull talent. You should have the boss bleeding from your Lacerate or some other classes bleed and that buff to our only good rage dump is great. Remember, tanks need to put out good dps too now I feel.

    • Tigerfeet
    • December 1st, 2008

    Thanks so much Phil for the comments! Always appreciated 😀

    And oh. so THAT’S what expertise does! Yes then, I can see how it’s very important. I knew about getting parry gibbed from melee and ranged dps, which is why I was always told to point the boss away from the raid, but I didn’t realise how expertise factored into it.

    The more you know… 😉

    • Palewren
    • December 8th, 2008

    Expertise lowers the chances your attacks will be blocked, dodged or parried. It has some implications that are not immediately obvious, but in a nutshell, until you are expertise capped, it is better than to-hit, and a -very- valuable skill.

    Until you are expertise capped, a block(ish), dodge, parry or miss all count the same. You don’t do damage, don’t generate threat and don’t generate rage. Further, parried attacks, for many bosses, allow them to attack faster in response. 40% faster, I believe. It’s documented elsewhere and is significant. Extremely significant on hard hitting bosses. So, expertise increases threat, increases rage generation, AND lowers incomming damage.

    • Cealean
    • December 12th, 2008

    Infected Wounds is actually a big defensive talent, as it lowers the incoming attack rate. That decreases damage taken in some fights by 15-20%.

    I’d take Rend And Tear over shredding attacks. I’m frequently in bottomless rage situations, and maul ALL THE TIME.

    Feral Aggression used to be completely useless. IIRC, it was just a few DPS decrease to the target, which means only a few hundred damage per minute reduced. Not worth it.

    I’d say this is the core:

    And the remaining 8 points spent on Rend&Tear, Primal Tenacity, Brutal Impact, and maybe King of the Jungle or Master Shapeshifter.

      • Tigerfeet
      • December 12th, 2008

      Oooh thanks for the build. You’ve done a great job of distilling it too. Since I wrote that post I’ve experimented around with a few different variations and finally come up with something very much like that. I put my extra 8 points into a 5/5 Feral Aggression and 3/3 King of the Jungle and so far this feels like the best build I’ve used. I think I re-specced three times this week alone trying to find that ‘sweet’ spot. And your build, plos those two talents are it 😀

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