Happy Tuesday

Well, if you don’t have to work (like I do) and are twiddling your thumbs over server downtime then maybe it’s not so much of a happy Tuesday for you. But I’m very excited that it’s Tuesday at least!



Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are raid nights for Unemployed and I am crazy excited. I’m hoping we’re able to step into Naxxramas tonight. If we can’t I’m not too sure I’ll even be running heroics. You see, other than me we’ve only got 2-3 tanks up to level 80. Why can’t I tank? Well… last night showed me in no uncertain terms that I am NOT prepared.

I ran Heroic Halls of Stone last night with a couple of guildies and a couple of guys from Exiles. I wouldn’t call it a miserable failure, but we only managed to kill one boss. I’ll call it a learning experience. I’m not upset, they weren’t upset, so why bandy around words with such negative connotations?

My tanking kit is still mostly the same as it was when I was lvl 70. That is a problem. My spec for last night was my leveling build. My leveling build is a mess, points all over the place. That was also a problem. I think if I’d had my spec in order and maybe one or two pieces of better gear we’d have done ok. As it was, the Maiden of Woe (Despair? can’t remember) was just a little too much for us. We killed Mr Big Rock Guy with absolutely no problems, but then he’s pure physical damage, something druids excell at.

I also had a lot… I mean a LOT of trouble with the dwarven gauntlet boss/encounter thingie. I just got overwhelmed. Mobs would get past me, start whailing on everyone else and things would just fall apart. That fight was excruciatingly frustrating. I don’t know what was the big problem, I’d like to think I would be able to tank it with a swipe, was my lack of Consecrate or Death & Decay that much of a hinderance? I just don’t know.

But, I did get my first Emblem of Heroism, and learned that if I’m going to be tanking anything I at least need to have my spec in order.

Tonight, at least, I’ll be out of the hot seat and running as DPS. That’s something I know I can do a good job at even with the questing greens and blues I’ve got. Three days slotted as DPS will give me a chance to raise some funds for myself, perhaps craft some new armor, and start working on assembling a tanking kit.

Hmm… that brings me to another thought. I’ve noticed many other blogs talk about gear lists, where to get what and how many of what stat such and such a class needs. I’ve noticed my blog is severely lacking in such information.

Do you miss it?

It’s not an avenue I really see myself traveling down. If you’re interested in comprehensive gear lists for druids (both cat and bear varieties) I reccomend heading over to Think Tank. He’s done all the hard work for you (and me). As far as I’m concerned, for now, I’ll be perusing his bear and kitty lists for pre-Naxx gear and letting him tell me if my new leather pants make my bear butt look big 😉

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    • Witch-King
    • December 2nd, 2008

    Having recently (yesterday) tanked Heroic Halls of Stone myself, I can say with absolute certainty that the final encounter with the swarms of dwarves is absolutely the most frustrating time I’ve ever had as a tank. That is an AoE fight where your DPS are spamming volley, rain of fire, whatever and swipe just doesn’t cut it as a means of capturing and holding threat. Even geared in dungeon blues, my swipe was only doing around 400-500 damage to each mob and that is far below the damage from a volley or a rain of fire (for example). In my opinion, Druid’s AoE abilities just aren’t up to par when compared to a Death Knight’s Death and Decay AoE or a Paladin’s Consecrate.

    Unfortunately, in that fight it just isn’t possible because of the speed of the spawns and the shear numbers involved to adequately generate threat via the use of a lacerate or mangle. You can’t switch targets fast enough, or at least I couldn’t.

    Needless to say, I won’t be attempting to tank that again until I either get some epic gear or figure out a strategy that works.

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