Ooooh the DRAMA!

Well, no, not really. Ok, well, I hope not, maybe. If there is I can only hope I’m not the cause of it. Brajana from Mend Pet already reported on this, but as I am lvl 80 I felt it would be beneficial to voice my thoughts as well.

What am I talking about? Naxxramas, of course.

What I’m seeing, and what I’m sure many guilds are seeing, is growing pains. Instead of guilds scrambling for enough people to get to 80 to run 25-man dungeons, everyone has scrambled to get to 80 so that they will have a place in the 10-man dungeons.

I hit 80 just this past Sunday. A heroic on Monday showed me that my bear gear is NOT up to par. So, basically, if I were to go with yesterday to Naxxramas it would have been as DPS. We have lots of DPS. I was competing against mostly ranged players who’ve been 80 for one to two weeks already, have been running heroics and are much better geared than I was.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, isn’t it? You push and then you finally make it only to realise you aren’t quite up to snuff.

Now, I abhor drama. It causes nothing but trouble. When you get benched it always feels bad and I do not envy the leaders who have to make these decisions, knowing they’re going to make at least someone unhappy. Now, I’m not going to blog about every time I have to sit on the bench (hopefully). But I thought I’d share some of my thoughts today.

Some things to remember if you find yourself benched.

If you have good leadership (which <Unemployed> certainly does), there will be a reason. It’s very important not to fly off the handle and rant and rave and cause a scene. First thing to do is try to make the best out of your situation.

I ran Utgarde Pinnacle on normal twice last night and netted myself four upgrades and two new enchants. I got a cloak, a cloack enchant, and a chestpiece for my tanking set, and a headpiece, trinket, and glove enchant for my DPS set. I also won the shard roll twice so now I have some materials I can donate for more enchants.

The raiders in Naxxramas downed two bosses, one of which took thirteen tries to get right. Now, if I had gone with, even as dps, I would have been in very sad shape. I had next to no gold and still hadn’t figured out my attack sequence.

By sitting out for a night I was able to, in essence, take some time to myself and grind out improvements. In exchange from missing out on the learning experience (really my favorite thing, despite the cost and frustration) I was able to improve my character and get my affairs in order.

As bitter a pill sitting on the sidelines is to swallow, I think it was a good trade-off. Of course I was unhappy when I saw the roster, it’s only natural, but I think I did my best to get past how I felt and improve my situation.

Now, with that said, I did say a couple of things and make a decision that probably hurt other people. The first was accomplished shortly after a trip to the Moonglade. I re-specced pure cat.

If you’ll remember, I mentioned I was flat broke. I had to steal some money from my alts in order to even afford the re-spec and I’m STILL missing some of my lvl 80 talents. So I specced cat with no way of getting back, when the raid leaders had counted on me being able to swap between cat and bear for 5-mans.

It was a stupid and selfish move and one I’m quite sorry about. I know for a fact that because I did that some of the ‘extras’ who were slotted into 5-man instances didn’t get to go at all. If it was me in their situation I would be very upset indeed.

So, I’m learning, and I’m trying to learn as fast as I possibly can and without hurting others. I’m learning that if I want to be grouped and running things all week (Raider status is my goal) then I need to make SURE I have the funds for re-speccing. I need to have a comprehensive gear plan (Thanks Kalon!) and agressively seek out upgrades. In-game finances are going to be tight until the dual-spec system is introduced.

It’s a problem Mr. Tigerfeet has bemoaned for a long time, the constant need to spec between two different specs for tanking and dps. I laughed at him for it. What goes around comes around though, and it’s something I’m going to have to get used to.

On a lighter note – One more tank is needed for Naxx and, barring weather, it could be me. I mention the weather because there is a very real chance that I could be stuck at work and have to shack up with a friend. After not getting to go with last night and having the opportunity to tonight, it’s irony at its finest.

Thing is though, I’m not upset or feeling bitter at all. If I can’t go, well, then I can’t go and I only hope that there’s another tank availabe. If I can then I’ll be thrilled.

After all, Naxx is going to be there for a long time, and once the majority of our steady raiders reach 80 I’m sure we’ll all find our stride. There’s still a bit of a scramble I think, and it’s important to remember that.

I can be patient, and in the mean-time, there’s always plenty to do in World of Warcraft!

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  1. I hope we figure things out too. I posted about what I am afraid of happening, but I still think we are very lucky for the leaders we have and I do trust their decisions and choices.

    Still, it sucks to be expecting to do something and then have to sit out! 😦

    Hope you make it home safe tonight and get some tanking practice in!

    • Tigerfeet
    • December 3rd, 2008

    Hee hee. For the record I like your option #2 the best. I noticed some of that happening as we were all running instances as we leveled.

    I’m going to choose to think of a ‘bench’ night as ‘opportunity’ night. It’s really not the being asked to sit out that’s the problem but the mindset and reaction to it.

    In the future when I’m asked to sit out I’ll see it as an opportunity to take an easier day, save some money, get some more upgrades and maybe do a daily or two 🙂

    • Lithios
    • December 5th, 2008

    not to be mean but: Slow your roll

    isnt it crazier to actually being fixated on the baubles at the end , only to miss what it took (or how) to get thier?

    but i agree sucks to be benched.

    • Tigerfeet
    • December 5th, 2008

    Lithios – It’s the experiences I cherish, the being there with others when exciting things happen. Gear to me is a means to an end. If I’ve got the gear, I’ll get to be included.

    BC made a huge impression on me. I was in a leveling guild from my very early teens all the way up until the time I took a break from WoW. When BC came out I was in my late 40s-early 50s and my husband and most other guildies were all level 60. For two weeks at least I sat and listened to them all exclaim over the wonders of BC, the poo quests, the bombing runs, etc. I was SO far behind. I remember killing hellboars in hellfire, just after I’d hit 58 and listening to all the fun they were having and the epic battles taking place over Halaa. It was a pretty small guild and everyone was just about the same level except for me. It sucked.

    A few months after BC release I was lvl 63, my eyes were bleeding from too much of hellfire and I was just so frustrated with everything, so I quit the game.

    This time I was able to jump in along the leveling curve, I was able to get a taste of some raiding in BC and I am DEATHLY afraid of being left behind. Perhaps the strength of my feeling is irrational, but I don’t like to play by myself and I get jealous very very easily.

    So yeah, the gear is just a means to an end, all I ever wanted was to see the content. After being rushed through T4 content to get me ready to run T5 in BC I realised that it wasn’t exactly the content I loved so much, it was the feeling of overcoming obstacles with my friends that I loved. I don’t have many memories of Kara, Gruul, or Mags. I ran them plenty, but they were never remarkable for me. My fondest memories come from SSC, TK, Hyjal, and ZA.

    • Lithios
    • December 5th, 2008

    no no i completely agree with you, in a way i was more telling myself to slow down.

    i didnt start REALLY getting into WoW until BC, i goofed around..wandered endlessly as a cat felling all cool stealthing for miles…and miles..and miles. no pressure, no commitments no rush to accomplish anything. Onyxia whats that? AQ40? is that some fancy beverage? along the same viens as yourself when BC hit it was almost like a nuclear bomb i started lvling faster, then faster…i went to outland lvl 58 went to 3 areas and i was 70…. somewhere along the way i realized that i felt very secluded and left out. Sure it was fun to bask in the open awesomeness that is azeroth, but i realized that all the cool endgame stuff was never going to be for me, “just no room for a cat” i was told. Much guild hopping later and i still feel like
    ppl wont give feral a chance (even though i out dps pure dps lvls above me).

    but now im torn, do i stay at 79 and farm BG as a twink? (assumeing that 79 stays out of the 80 bracket, havent pvp’d since lvling so im clueless thier) or fall under the humongous pressure that if i dont find a niche in a raiding guild ill be forever
    left behind…again. (and yet if it does happen, i will survive)

    sorry so long, unpunctual, and filled with grammerical nightmares. just wanted you to know that alot of ferals i know have been through the same.

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