I Haz a Pet!

So… Doodlebug has totally just made the mistake of allowing me to live my kitty dreams vicariously through him. We’re colluding to try and find a sweet spot with stats to optimize his ripping of faces.

He has yet to tell me to step off so we’ll see what happens if I get too meddlesome. Either way, the opportunity to dig through WWS parses and analyze armory data has been AWESOME for me. The number fears are starting to subside.

One thing I am sure about, however, Kitties can no longer Mangle-Shred-Rip their way to victory. Attack sequences now are a lot more complicated and situational. More on that later after some testing!

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  1. Kitty DPS is definitely a lot more intricate now. The two things that I find most important to overall DPS are the percentage of uptime on both Rake and Savage Roar that you can maintain. The closer to 100% you keep these, the higher your DPS….. and they are so important that it’s better to skip a shred or “waste a combo point (when already at 5) to get ’em refreshed.

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