Everyone’s been holiday-busy right? Right.


Achievements are a funny thing. I know many people who’ve been busily scurrying around doing their best to get the Merrymaker title. I had every intention to be one of them, really, I did! I even had ninja tactics all planned out on how to leech HKs off everyone else because of the shape-shifting headache.

What I did instead was, pretty much, completely disconnect myself. I don’t think I’ve logged into WoW in DAYS. I logged on a bit on Christmas Day to open my presents, and all the presents on all my alts. I was lucky enough to get three little helpers (in both red and green), and a snowman. The jingling bell eluded me, however, until I realized that just over yonder was the Auction House.

Needless to say, a hundred or so gold later I had my happy little reindeer and a very impressive stash of Preserved Holly!

Oh, by the way, all of my alts have been rendered largely unplayable due to their, some might say excessive, burden of snowballs.

Any of you remember:

/Use Snowball
/Cast Swift Flight Form


Still works, still LOTS of fun. It’s even more fun now that I’ve got epic wings!

Oh, by the way, last week <Unemployed> went to try and take down Malygos. He mopped the floor with our face, but I forgive him.

After all, who can say no to such cute chin-fuzz?

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  1. Haha, that pretty much happened to me also. Except the Snowball and Malygos Part. ^-^

    • Lithios
    • December 30th, 2008

    seriously 50 hk without speccing balance is a big middle finger to ferals from Blizz. like you i pretty much said “F it”, my cooking was 34 (need 325 to make apple cider) i had no flying mount (100g isnt that much but still, im a druid i fly where i need to go) and cmon FIFTY HK? and if you die or shift its gone? OMFG.

    well after procrastinating a week into the holiday i broke down and decided to actually achieve an “achievement” (wow crazy huh?)

    you know how hard it is to not hit bear or ever try and hit stealth only to realize that you cant do that? lets just say the first few BG’s were hardly considered successful…

    in the end i have my title, and truely i feel like i accomplished it in a way which is MORE of anchievement over the other classes.

    (was pissed when a rogue buddy told me he got all 50 in one bg, stealthing around ganking ppl)

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