Tigercon ’08!

Whilst I lay nestled securely in my bed, slumbering away with meager blankets clutched jealously about, casa de la Tiger was raided. They came in the night, rolling and sliding into my driveway with the utmost stealth, to be met with the open arms of my warrior husband.

Who was invaiding? It wasn’t burglars, it wasn’t the police, or neighbors, or family, or even the Alliance! No, we were raided by a Warlock and a Shaman!

And on this day I declare the start of Tigercon ’08! Two of Atrides’s guildies who have, over the course of a year or two, turned into very close friends of ours, took it upon themselves to come and visit us for the holidays!

I might have pictures, I’m not too sure. It all depends on if we can find my camera or if I can manage to get everyone to pose in front of my webcam. Needless to say, I’m really touched, appreciative, and excited.

I do have a post in the works complete with visual aids. Hopefully I’ll have that ready this week. 🙂

In the mean-time, Happy New Year to everyone! Don’t get too drunk, and stay off the roads!

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  1. Haha, that sounds nice. I hope y’all have fun and Happy New Years to you also.

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