Whew! So, TigerCon ’08 has wrapped up, we’re now firmly into ’09, and come hell or high water <Unemployed> is going to step into 25-man raiding this week!

Or so help me….. *shakefist*

ANY-hoo, during my few weeks’ absence I have been relatively active in-game. We’ve now cleared 10-man Naxx (twice), wiped up Obsidian Sanctum quite a bit, and shaken our fist at Malygos from our spots on the floor of his lair.

That post I was talking about before was a guide on killing dragons. So, in that spirit I offer you this image, featuring the ever-fluffly chin of Malygos.


Now, I’ll start my breakdown with one small caveat: Every dragon is different. Hitbox sizes are quite variable and sometimes the cleave radius changes. I’ll note these exceptions when I see them.

General Information:

On the whole, all dragons have a similar strategy. They have either a cleave or breath weapon (sometimes both) and a tail swipe. I’ve found that the frontal attack does more damage while the rear attack often has a knockback component. Ranged players are usually far enough away (as long as your tank isn’t parading said dragon around will-he-nil-he) that they don’t need to worry.

Melee is not so lucky. For most dragons it’s safe to make sure you’re attacking from the side. Throughout my dragoning life I’ve just made sure to be whailing at about a 50º angle to  the line of the dragon.

Until, that is, we started on Sapphiron. That dragon has a MASSIVE cleave radius, seriously, it’s massive. I can’t stress to you enough how big (and painful) it is. Rogue-man & I quickly found that the only real way to be able to safely dps the big guy was to strike up a steamy love affair with his back leg.

On the flip-side we have Malygos, who doesn’t have a tail swipe (or so I’ve been told, I’ve only ever tanked him so I don’t have first-hand experience). I don’t think he has a cleave either, but his breath weapon is pretty painful. You hear that healers? If the tank has to rotate him so the dps can get to a spark you’d better move!

So there we have it, a general dragon strategy! Whenever our guild tackles a new one the raid lead always starts out by saying “Ok, regular dragon strat except for -this, this, and this-” and then we continue on as normal!

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  1. “strike up a steamy love affair with his back leg”


    The best description of melee dps dragon-positioning I’ve ever read!

    I can confirm that Maly doesn’t have a tail swipe! It’s the best thing about that fight. >.<

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