Gimickey my ASS!

I would like to formally, and resolutely say that I OBJECT!

There were a lot of people less-than-happy about Blizzard’s paradigm shift moving into Wrath. A lot of people cautioned about and bemoaned what had the potential of turning into a rather nasty infection of Big Green Blob Syndrome.

Various Blues have said, repeatedly, that they want to grant us the freedom to take a player based on the merits of his or her skill as opposed to min/maxing for maximum synergy or needing a certain class for a certain fight. A lot of people objected to this, voicing complaints that this would dumb down the game. Some of those same people would also point to the present state of raiding and mumble that they were right. You’ve already heard my thoughts on that subject, but I’ve got quite a nasty bone to pick about specialization and the supposed death of ‘gimickey’ fights.

First, let me tickle your deductive skills. Here’s a boss strategy:

The boss must be tanked by a specific, non-tanking class. Said class must trade off back and forth. If, for some reason, the boss gets free it must be tanked for as long as possible by another, specific, non-tanking class until the previous, non-tanking class gets the boss back under control.

Ok… my attempt at sarcasm and deception failed. I’m sure you can tell that’s the strategy for taking out Instructor Razuvious in 25-man Naxxramas.

Do we see my problem? Blizzard has touted a huge, over-arcing paradigm shift, and then presented us with a fight so ridiculously gimickey it makes me sick. The 10-man version didn’t frustrate me like this because, well, there were crystals. Theoretically ANY class could have been designated to tank that fight.

Right now, however, it’s rather impossible to clear the military quarter without at least two priests, preferably shadow, tagging along. Now, maybe your guild is a veritable cornucopia of diversity. Perhaps it’s no problem finding a pair of Shadow Priests, or even finding a way to work around diverting one (or two) of your healers. I don’t know, but out of ten classes in the game, featuring a fight that ABSOLUTELY depends on the inclusion of one particular class (and TWO of them none-the-less) just sounds ridiculous.

I’d expect to hear the same frustration if Ulduar were to feature a boss that attacked with delicate physical blows and couldn’t handle the damage caused by a moonkin druid’s brambles, thus necessitating the inclusion of at least three of the big feathery puffballs in order to kill the boss. That’s just ludicrous!

I heard it mentioned that there was talk of re-introducing one control crystal into the Razuvious fight to make it ‘easier’, but that still leaves the gimickey part of needing some kind of priest to mind control the other diciple. I’m sure that would make the military quarter a good deal more accessable, but it still feels clunky and gimickey and I for one don’t like it one bit.

I’d also like to mention that this feeling doesn’t stem from any guild-related inability to handle the boss. Last night in fact saw us take him down on our second attempt (tanking SPriests picked up on their job faster than I did in the 10-man, so yea, they did awesome). No, the whole mechanic just feels jarring and wrong to me.

I don’t feel like I’m quite making my point, but I’m not sure I can make it any more clearly.


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  1. Lol, it could be like the original Naxx where you needed four Priests and they all needed +hit gear to even get their spells off.

    I generally agree and think that it can easily be managed by anyone with crystals (and still present a miniscule challenge in terms of timing), but I think Blizzard’s care level is approximately: {–|————————}. They have indeed mentioned the addition of one crystal; while this still means that one Priest would be mandatory, I think there are probably VERY few 25 man raid groups that won’t have one.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 8th, 2009

    Runy – yea, I agree that I don’t think you’d ever see a 25-man group that wouldn’t bring a priest along anyway. Heck, I think we raid with 4. It just -feels- weird.

    Ok, another tack. If you only need ONE priest, this would possibly put it on par with the Leotheras the Blind fight in SSC, where you needed a warlock tank. Oddly enough that fight didn’t bother me at all.

    I wonder if it’s not so much the gimmickey-ness that’s got under my skin as it is the dichotomy between the grand ‘paradigm shift’ and reality.

    Eh, nobody’s perfect. I do worry about guilds whose only priests fulfill a healing role. In those situations I would imagine even one control crystal would be a godsend.

  2. Yeah, it’s annoying when you have to look for a class for a fight. I’d think they would just leave one in 25 man because I’d think the majority of raiding priests would be holy/dis so many groups would be losing a healer for the fight. But if duel specs were in the game now I’m sure this wouldn’t even be a problem.

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