It Doesn’t Work That Way

Ever since I decided to tank I had this idea floating and churning in the back of my mind. I want to try my paws at dps. Yes, when we have one tank too many for a fight I’m usually the first one asked to step back and dps, but dpsing in tank spec just isn’t the same.

I would really like to see how I do in a full-on dps spec. With the hefty stream of upgrades I’ve gotten so far I’ve seen my tank-spec kitty dps increase from 1332 on 10-man Heigan to 2319 on 25-man Patchwerk. (Having three tanks soak was sending our healers into a frenzy, so on our third try I got to sit back and DPS).

Anyway, I’ve gone full-kitty a couple of times and with the armor I had then I noticed a difference of about 800 dps to 1200 dps (different spec only, same gear). Of course, I know I could test everything against target dummies, but doing two whole respecs just to beat on a target dummy doesn’t feel very productive. (Plus I only have 18g to my name right now)

Anyway, yes, I do have a point. I’ve had the idea squishing around in the back of my mind that if Unemployed ever got an application for another bear that I would ask to DPS for a week and see how it felt. Perhaps, if I really enjoyed it I might continue to tank but roll main-spec for dps gear and off-spec for tank gear in order to transition.

But last night I started thinking.

Not to jinx it, but it would seem that random number generators love the crap out of me. Case in point, last night we killed Grobbulous for the first time in 25-man Naxxramas. I now have Origin of Nightmares.

We killed 12 bosses in total. Assuming each boss drops 2-3 pieces of loot that’s about 35 pieces of loot. I received 5 of those pieces this week.

(5 / 35)*100 = 14.3% So, this week I’ve gotten roughly 14% of the loot available. If everything were equal, on a 25-person team I would only receive 4% of the loot, which would equal out to 1-2 pieces per week.

Granted, I play a tank, and I’m a Barfly (Raiding status). Unemployed gives gear preferences to Barflies, and of those tanks and healers, though sometimes eschewing this practice if we’re trying to get someone out of greens, blues, or if we find a hunter wearing leather, or someone really needs their tier bonus.

In addition to that, I also happen to be the only feral druid in the guild, and the only other competition I have for gear is one lonely rogue. So, oftentimes, the upgrades feel as if they fall like rain.

And I feel rather guilty about it.

This actually does fit in rather nicely with my Tank-DPS neurosis. See, I still don’t feel like I’ve earned this gear. Yes, I was there for the boss kills, and yes I’ve been raiding with Unemployed for a few months now, but I’m certainly not the veteran that Mel is, or Pils, or any of the other long-time Unemployed members who were there for the initial slog through Karazhan.

In effect, I feel like I’ve been given these pieces on credit. Once again, I have been flash-geared. I was there for the first kills yes, and the first wipes, of course, but I haven’t yet had the feeling that I’ve had to work for the gear. I haven’t felt the sting of killing a boss over and over and hoping and praying that my one golden piece drops, week after week.

Nope, I got lucky. Because of this luck, my guild has geared me, a tank. I now see it as my duty to tank.

Let me put it another way. If Unemployed were to pick up another Bear tomorrow, I would not relinquish my tanking spot for DPS. I haven’t yet earned the upgrades I’ve been given. Now that I’ve gotten these upgrades on our first pass through Naxx, it’s my job to use this gear to make it easier to run Naxx next week, and the week after, thus enabling other people to get upgrades (and not ninja-ing loot from our poor lone rogue).

That’s the way I see it anyway. I’ve been gifted with upgrades with the hope that now it will be easier for everyone else to get their share.

PS – My condolences to the Alpha-Bear, the Big Bear Butt. As this door closes for you, may many open in your future. Although now that you’re unemployed, perhaps you should roll Horde and come join the REAL <Unemployed> 😉

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    • oriniwen
    • January 9th, 2009

    I’d love to hear more about your “Barfly” rank. We have a similar setup, with folks in our guild being allowed to earn the title “Dedicated” that earns them special privledges. What do you do for your Barflies other than gear prefernces?

  1. I felt the exact same way… being the only feral druid (and only leather wearer) all the way my old guild’s first time through Naxx 25 and I got insta-geared. I’lll disagree (just on general principles) that you haven’t earned it though… if you were there and it was an upgrade and (especially this) you were the only one who could use it — it’s earned. The fact that you feel a responsibility to now ‘earn’ it is just a credit to your personality and values. I wish I could make a kitty and come have fun! ^_^

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 12th, 2009

    Oriniwen – We have 5 basic ranks in Unemployed… well, 6 if you count Pledge.

    Pledge – Intro rank, where we get to know someone and they get to know us, I think this has a 1-2 week duration.

    Timesink – It’s a rank for alts, ’nuff said.

    Couch Warmer – General guild membership. We’ve got some raiders here, some people who are in for the ‘friends & family discount’, some that are still leveling, some that have taken a little break… just general membership.

    Barfly – these are people who are dedicated raiders. We usually get preference for raid slots and gear, but in return we’re expected to be well-versed in all the fights, always seeking out upgrades in our off-time, all gear must be kept enchanted and gemmed and woe betide the Barfly that forgets flasks or buff food. I like the Barfly rank personally. Raiding is my serious fun-time and I don’t want to spend three hours banging my head against a wall because a couple people weren’t prepared. I do my best and expect others to do the same, to me it’s just a matter of consideration.

    Doodle – Come on over! Roll Horde! The water’s fine 😀

  2. I made a alt to play around with last night! Keep an eye out for “Honeythief” the durid. ^_^

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 13th, 2009

    Omg I LOVE that name, that’s just frickin’ adorable! I will absolutely keep an eye out for you, just a warning that I’m pretty stark raving mad in-game and… always online Tues – Wed – Thurs between 6:30 and 10 server time >_>

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