And You Thought Northrend Was Cold?

Iowa’s colder, I promise. The snow chased me home yesterday, which is why I spent the day mucking about on alts instead of writing a nice yummy post!

Here’s a joke though: How do you tell if you’re running with a group of alts?

Nobody knows what they’re doing and everyone has Omen.


Ok, now I’ve told that joke about 5 times since I thought it up and I’m beginning to find it grating and banal. (c wut I did thar?)

Anyhoo, snow chased me home and I futzed about on little Kowbelle, my hunter. There was much screaming about how I had a ‘fevah’ and that I don’t ‘need no education’, and hilarity was had. I do so love to stroke my own ego, most of the time I’m busy stuffing it into a trunk and telling it the nightmare will all be over soon, so you’ll have to forgive my occasional self-aggrandizing incoherent ramblings.

What did we do? We ran Wailing Caverns! YAY!


I love that place! Oh man oh man, you alliance remember the good ol’ days when all your buddies were knockin’ around Westfall, Stormwind was rife with “LF1M UBRS”, you kept wondering what UBRS was and how awesome it must be to compress itself into ‘UBRS’, and, for you, there were the Deadmines.

You had Deadmines, we had Wailing Caverns, a dungeon so epic, convoluted, and long, that you had to make sure your bags were empty, hunters had to stock up on more arrows and bullets than would fit in their quiver/ammo pouch, and you knew, you just KNEW you were in for a wild ride!

I must, however, report that… Post-Wrath leveling raid content just isn’t the same.

We ran with a group of:

Myself: a STFU I’m leveling however I please-specced hunter (+Floyd, the pink tallstrider)

Warrior: Fury-steal all the mining nodes ftl

Shaman: Something that threw magic and healed

Paladin: Retty-McJudgement-face

Druid: Resto-omg a REAL healer!

Well, after the first 1 1/2 bosses our druid DCd and never came back, but we managed to work our way through with just the four of us.

Oh, and Pink Floyd and I solo’d the turtle boss while the rest of the group took out the boss around the corner. That was fun, and should have been totally impossible.

Ok, I’m not trying to complain about the great nerfification of everything pre-Wrath. I’m just pining a bit for the old days, yearning for a challenge. Yeah, there’s plenty of some challenge right now for raiding, but raid challenges are different than instance challenges.

Even heroics these days feel different. You can hop on and run a ‘quick heroic’ then go do something else. I don’t feel like anything is an epic journey, it just feels like a slog through to get as many badges as you can.

Of course, it’s equally possible that my feelings stem from a longing for the times when all of WoW was new and exciting, where I didn’t know what lay around the corner, or what the next zone would look like or where my quests would lead me. I’m missing the thrill of discovery.

Back to Wailing Caverns. It was a lot easier than it had been, but we also had a LOT of fun. Really. I enjoyed trying to top the dps chart and then I enjoyed pulling aggro on purpose so I could trap, or so I could have Floyd tank something just to say he could. We absolutely muscled our way through and I had a blast doing it, so I should probably just enjoy the feeling I got and quit trying to over-analyze things.

PS – hNaxx tonight. Kel’Thuzad? Your name’s on my list buddeh!

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  1. *wink* o i c, noice!

    I know what you mean about missing the game being ‘new’. I think that’s why I’ve been playing my alts so much lately, but it still just isn’t the same.

    This game just isn’t epic anymore, and I think it’s a combination of both how long we’ve been playing and how nerfed and “casual” they’ve made it.

    Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I think this is the first time I’ve actually been able to see the end of my WoW career far off in the distance. It’s still far away, but it’s actually materialized now, whereas before I never really even thought about it. It makes me sad.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 13th, 2009

    The way I see it Braj is “it happens”. I always knew WoW would eventually fall. The only thing that makes me wonder is where will we go? I love WoW not because it’s WoW, but because of the friend’s I’ve made while playing it. If I had a good guild and lots of fun PvP to do in Guild Wars I’d probably still be there, I LOVE that game to pieces, but it just didn’t have the people to keep me there.

    Guild Wars 2 now…. ooooh that has me salivating.

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