Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero?

Big thanks to Mrs. Meepy & Mr. Smells. They saved my orange, face-ripping butt.

From what?

That   —\/

Click for full stuck glory

Click for full stuck glory

And yes, that says Stuck-Face McTigerPants. I blame Boost for not realising how impressionable I was before making up clever idiosyncracies that would inevitably be copied by moi.

But yes, I got myself stuck, again. I took lots of screenshots of me actually being stuck (there was an entertaining one of me in Tauren form squished between the pipes and the wall), but WoW seems to have eaten them all. Wherever my screenshots went, they’re not in the screenshot folder. So I had to go back and take some blanks.

Now, if you’re not sure where this is (where HAVE you been?) It’s the interior of a machine shop in Lake Wintergrasp. You know, that fun PvP zone where you can farm for stuff and tell the opposite faction to GTFO by smashing their face into the ground? Just like the good ol’ PvP days /lean back in rocker all satisfied-like.

Anyway, that’s where it is, and here’s what happened. I was kitty-mode, ready to rip faces, but tired of getting blown up so I was going to build myself a siege tank, yahoo! Build build build… OMG FEEEEAAAAAR!

Someone had kamikaze-feared the whole mess of us who were building stuff and I was sent running hither and thither and… got stuck. Indoors, cat form is my smallest form. Somehow I managed to squeeze behind the pipes and get stuck. Bear form didn’t help, Tauren form CERTAINLY didn’t help, and to make matters worse the fight for Wintergrasp was over.

There ensued much /yelling, hoping that my cries would entice the Alliance inside to pick off this obvious sitting duck, thus enabling me to res at the graveyard. Nope. I saw lots of little red names running all around, but nobody actually came into the shop, nobody peered in that one back corner.

I used the unstuck feature, no luck, my hearth was on cooldown, and the help ticket system was currently experiencing a high load of activity (or whatever the message is they give you when what they really mean is ‘this is gonna take a long ass time’)

What’s a Tiger to do?

Whine and cry in gchat of course!

Enter Meepy & Smells.

Meepy is a healey paladin and Smells is a blood-caked (smelly) prot warrior. Ok, so I don’t actually know if he smells, but that’s his name and I think it’s hilarious. They’re married, do everything together, and rushed to my aid with a group invite and a summon to Wyrmrest.

They hemmed and hawed about weather I wanted to be ghetto-BG-summoned to Dal or if a random instance stone would be OK or what. My reply was resoundingly “Anywhere but behind this thrice-cursed pipe!”

So they saved me, thanks guys 😀

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    • Andruin of Rexxar
    • January 14th, 2009

    We have another hearthstone, of sorts. It drops you in Moonglade, but that’s better than stuck behind a pipe.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 14th, 2009



    I can’t believe I didn’t think of that >_<

  1. Um…

    You can also just “Leave Wintergrasp” by clicking the BG button thing on your little map. ^_^

    I’ve used it as a fake hearth many a time. *grins*

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 14th, 2009


    Oh for @#% *&!!


    Now why didn’t anybody in my GUILD bother to mention this? *grumblegrumble*

    • Andruin of Rexxar
    • January 14th, 2009

    It’s much more fun the way they did it.

  2. /point

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