In Which I Whine Most Unbecomingly and Talk About My Hunter Some More

Sorry for the double-post today, but I wanted to get this out into the open before we started raiding this week.

I wish that Swipe = Dust Cloud, and that Dust Cloud = Swipe.

‘Wait’, you’re saying, ‘What the heck does the special Tallstrider ability (that only you in the world care about because you’re the only person crazy enough to run around with a tallstrider) have to do with the Druid tanking ability, swipe?’

Well I’ll tell you.

It’s a targeting/range issue. That’s right, simply a targeting/range issue.

Let’s say I’m OT for Sartharion. It’s my job to gather up the little elemental guys and make sure they don’t get hit by a lava wave and hulk out and kill everybody. Problem is, when they show up they aggro onto random people (often healers) and I have to either distance-growl, or run around like a crazy-face attempting to swipe and catch them up. Another problem is sometimes ranged dps and healers (especially healers) tend to stand all over the place. Here’s a reenactment of me Off-Tanking Sartharion.

Elementals Spawn.

Hit one, hit two.

Healer has aggro, tab-target over & distance-growl.

Healer has aggro again. Growl is on cooldown.

Tab-target over, run over, swipe to keep aggro on horde of following elementals while I’m running.

Target is out of range. dammit.

Don’t swipe, lacerate instead.

Swipe a couple times to keep up threat.

DPS pulls something away. Target in preparation for mangle or lacerate.

Swipe to keep up aggro.

Target is out of range.


More elementals, target, swipe

Out of range. dammit

Swipe again

Out of range


Elementals are now running everywhere.

Challenging Roar to gather the elementals so swipe actually works.

Aggro Sartharion.


Sound like Little Miss Whiney Excuse-pants to the raid lead as you try to explain why you couldn’t keep aggro on a few measley elementals.

Here’s another example:

I’m playing my hunter and running around having a gay old time with my Tallstrider. I’ve got my /cast Hunter’s Mark /petattack macro and I’m workin’ my way down the length of the Barrens.

I click my handy macro button and Floyd runs off with his ear-grating CraaaAAAWwww noise that I love so much. (I also have a fondness for Moa Birds if you’ve ever played Guild Wars)

I notice that he’s running off and a little puff of dust is kicked up. “Oh how cute!” I think, “He’s running so fast he kicked up a dust clou-”


Dust Cloud


When it’s on auto-cast, Floyd casts Dust Cloud as soon as he’s told to attack, and it does nothing because there aren’t any enemies within 10 yards.

Do we see my dilema yet?

If Swipe worked the way Dust Cloud did, it would be AMAZING. I could run around spamming swipe and hit whatever happened to be in range.

If Dust Cloud worked the way Swipe does I could leave the skill on auto-cast and rest assured that Floyd wouldn’t kick up dust until he was actually in-range of our next victim.

By jove I think I’ve got it. Now let’s all go petition Blizzard to make this change so I can stop sounding like a whiney emo-bear when my raid lead asks why I can’t tank a few elementals.

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  1. I think that’s a great idea, to make Swipe Spammable like that.
    It wouldn’t be very abusable because of rage.
    And for cat form, it would allow kitties to spam it without a target like a rogue can spam Fan of Knives.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 14th, 2009

    Well, swipe is already pretty spammable for bears, it just never manages to hit because fights are so dynamic now and I find myself doing lots of running around.

    The kitty version isn’t going to be spammable at all. It costs 50 energy and, unless you start at max energy with beserk you’re only going to get off 2-3 swipes before your OOE.

    I really just want a non-targeted bear swipe, I don’t know if it’ll be needed for kitties too (I know nothing of rogues and how they work)

  2. Let’s say you’re OT for Sartharion. What’s your best course of action? Get your raid leader to have their head checked. Then lie and tell them you’re cat specced. Or that you’re allergic to flamey things and really should be MT for Sartharion instead.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 14th, 2009

    Myze, does it make it worse that the MT was a DK?

    I seem to get all the AoE jobs these days seeing as we have one DK (who is our main tank), myself, and two warriors.

    So basically… I’m not incompetent?

    • Mekias
    • January 14th, 2009

    I thought it was considered a fact that druids are the worst at AoE tanking now. We do okay once we’ve gathered everything up and have it in front of us but, as you’ve seen, it’s almost impossible when other people are healing and dps’ing. In our guild, we always have our bear on Sarth and a Pally or DK on adds.

    • Figgster
    • January 15th, 2009

    Yeah, bears are terribad at grabbing up adds unfortunately due to the poor threat from a single swipe and the issues with it’s 180 degrees of “out of range” errors. On sarth, unless you’re doing him with drakes up then the fire elementals really aren’t a problem. In 10-man I usually just have a dps warrior or ret paladin go after them (same as the acolytes).

    Another good option for sarth: have your holy paladins turn on righteous fury. This basically gaurantees that the fire adds are going to go straight for the paladins, which makes it considerably easier to find them and gather them up.

    Targetless swipe has been discussed before; that it should have a cone-of-cold type effect as a simple AoE frontal cone. As it is right now, it’s actually got a large range (about 8 yards on everything in front of you that isn’t your direct target) but the out-of-range errors do get annoying sometimes.

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