Mark My Words

The Brick Wall is coming.

Make sure to click to and read the Blizzard post in there. Here, I’ll quote it for you too:

I think this may have been stated previously, but let me just reiterate. The content here is an intro to raid content in Wrath of the Lich King. More content is coming.

I know I’ve indulged in a bit of ‘oh-so-easy’ QQing now and again, lamenting the times when we would spend a week, or even two (Lady Vasj) learning how a particular boss fight worked. Bosses felt much more ‘larger than life’ than they do now. You really got the feeling that this was an epic encounter, and yes, this is something that I feel is strongly missing from Naxxramas.

But do you remember your first Kharazans? What happened when guilds tried to transition to Sunwell right after they’d cleared Black Temple?



For guilds who are fielding people with all the necessary skills (spatial awareness, adaptability, obsessive knowledge of their class, excellent ping) Naxx and even Malygos are almost trivial. For guilds who are bringing people that don’t necessarily have all those skills some of these fights can be challenging, and that’s GOOD. Naxx is a training ground for the future. It is IMPERATIVE that a guild work to train its raiders to expect the unexpected and keep an eye out for ANYTHING, so that when Ulduar is released at least your first wipes won’t be because of incompetence. Laziness, maybe, inexperience with the fights, certainly, honest mistakes, absolutely, but not outright incompetence.

One very important thing that we haven’t really seen in Naxx are gear checks. It’s not unheard-of for people to step into Naxx wearing quest blues and even greens and still be successful. Killing Kel’Thuzad is not dependent on your raid having a certain number of upgrades from the preceeding instance. Sure, Saph requires either a certain amount of base stats or enough frost resist to make up for it, but the frost resist is crafted armor, and really the exception that proves the rule.

No, in Naxx mostly you’ve got ‘awareness checks’.

Come Ulduar, mark my words, you’ll not only have ‘awareness checks’, but regular gear checks as well. THIS is why I have no desire to be a raid leader. Troubleshooting these is going to be a headache and a half. If the healer dies and insisted they didn’t stand in the fire, but the log shows they died to the fire… were they inattentive? Were they lagged? Or is their gear not good enough that they just take too much damage before they could get out of the fire?

As for us, I think some players, and healers may need some practice on situational awareness, and as one of 4 tanks it’s probably going to be part of my duty to make sure they get the practice. This means I’m going to be running, and dying (a lot) in Azjol’Nerub this weekend.

God I hate that place.

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  1. I’d love a brick wall at this point – it would be better than mindless farming of the “hardest” content the game has to offer. And gear checks would be grand.

  2. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. I know that a lot of our raiders have grown fat and happy on the current raid content. Sarth3D is waking us up to the notion that things aren’t always so easy, and Blizzard can absolutely make things harder. I’m curious to see how people transition there.

    And you hate AN? That’s my favorite instance. Basically nothing but boss pulls, two bosses are interesting, challenging fights, and it has the awesome drop chute of death! I had to run it about 20 times to get the Essence of Gossamer to drop, but at least it finally did.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 15th, 2009

    Karthis – oh I totally agree!

    Kal – That place was the Bee’s knees on normal, but either I’m doing something terribly wrong or I just have terribad luck with groups. (I once watched a healer aggro 3 adds in the final boss off-phase then run away from me. Same healer then ran right in front of the boss (through me) during his on-phase and right into a POUND)

    I was really REALLY lucky with my Essence of Gossamer. I think it dropped for me the first time I ever ran hAN and I didn’t even know that it would be so good when I picked it up.

    I do like the boss frequency, and the tunnel is freaking awesome (level design win) I just have horrible trouble killing the first and last boss.

    • Teiya
    • January 15th, 2009

    Hey Tiger, my first time posting here… anyway, if one of the healers you’re speaking of is me, better make sure i don’t have my riding crop equipped the next time you go cat form ;P

    But ya, that night i got pulled as a spare to help take down Sapphiron, i can’t believe that it was the first time we’d even gotten to KT… he went down so easily. I was expecting more from the KT fight after how the Sapph fight went down.

  3. ok first off, I didn’t read the forum post you linked, but I did read the rest of your post 🙂

    It actually took us a few months to clear through Karazhan when we first started it. I know when you joined up with us, we already had it on farm status, so it may have seemed more like Naxx does to you, but it was very rare for us to get a new boss down on the first night we attempted them when we started off. We also spent a few weeks gearing/attuning before we even got started in there, unlike Naxx where people would start clearing that within hours of hitting 80.

    Here’s my problem: when BC came out, SSC and TK and Hyjal were already in the game. We didn’t have to wait a few months to know there was more content. WotLK is seriously lacking there – sure, we hear about Ulduar, but if you look at the game as it is NOW, Naxx, OS and EoE is all we’ve got, pretty much. Can you imagine if Karazhan, Gruul and Mag were the only thing released at launch? That’s the equivalent of what we have now.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 16th, 2009

    Braj – Yea, I know I wasn’t there when you all started Kara, I got kara-easymode and I’m sad I missed out on learning the fights. If I were to lead a kara group it would amount to ‘uh… he does stuff’, I just don’t have that first-hand experience. I do know from a lot of other people that when guilds started in Kara a number of them had a lot of problems, especially if they hadn’t spent time preparing. Kara was a starting raid, and Naxx is a starting raid, but the difficulty level is NOT the same.

    Yeah, I am wondering about the lack of raid content too. 😦

    Teiya – You can rest assured that you’re not a healer that makes me grind my teeth 🙂 I… actually don’t remember that first kill of Saph & KT other than Barlo & I having a terribad time figuring out EXACTLY where saph’s cleave and tail swipe arcs are. (Hence my learn to dragon post)

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