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😦 😦 😦

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 :(!!!!!

we were forced to call our raid at about 8pm last night on account of lag and disconnects. You can only do so much when 1/3 of your raid DCs as soon as a boss is pulled. Srsly, it’s terribad. ( <- my new favorite word)

I did, however, get the opportunity to respec pure-cat. I can also assure my guild that my DPS itch has now been scratched and I should be good for a while. Back to tanking!

Kitty DPS is fun, and there’s a lot to the rotation ESPECIALLY if you’re talented and glyphed for it. (A more powerful spell is already active) Prevents me from refreshing Rip, which is obnoxious, so I work in some Ferocious bites now and again.

I didn’t do exceptionally well, but I didn’t do exceptionally terrible either. We killed Gluth in a one-shot and I got to just stand there and attack. Only problem was I completed the whole fight with somewhere between 2-4 fps. blech. So, rotations were sloppy, but I did my best under the circumstances and managed to pull in 2,300 dps. I don’t think that’s too shabby considering… 2 nights ago? Last time I attacked Gluth (with acceptable fps) I only managed 1,800 dps.

I think perhaps this weekend I’ll try out the target dummies to work out a rotation that incorporates my longer Rip up-time.

Meanwhile, here’s an open letter to Blizzard:

Please, I don’t care about polearms, I don’t care about my Idol being fixed, I don’t care about re-working bear armor or the changes to FAP.

Please just fix Naxx,

Thaddius, Sapphiron & Kel’Thuzad need to die.

Thank you.

PS – It’s still REALY cold. I laughed at one of our Canadians as he told me about how -40ΒΊ weather will make your eyes water then freeze the tears to your face. Well, I got my comeuppance this morning I can assure you.

Shhh, it’s my blog and I can whine about the weather if I want to πŸ˜›

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