Just kinda floating here.

Had to go into work on Saturday, spent the rest of the weekend diddling about with not one, not two, but THREE different Druids. Tigerfeet (H-Hydraxis), Pantherfeet (A-Hydraxis), & Waki (H-Moon Guard).

Waki is great for scratching that Roleplay itch I get every now and then. She hit level 10 and I tried to get the guild I was in involved in her bear spirit quest. That was a no-go and I’m thinking of going stag again. I’d really like to find a heavy-RP guild to call home, one that doesn’t mind me only popping in for a few hours on the weekend, but one where there’s enough people around I can have the opportunity to weave some stories without resorting to playing by myself.

Pantherfeet is also guilded, but I treat him mostly as a solo character. I’ve taken him into the Deadmines twice (PuGs both), gone smoosh (baby bears are smooshy) and generally spammed the heck out of g-chat with advertisemens that Druids are for FITE and trees are just in denial. They put up with me.

Tigerfeet I managed to ignore almost completely all weekend. I logged on at 5:30 and ran with Aelystiria to Heroic Sethekk Halls. We discovered some very satisfying things:

  • At lvl 80 it’s possible to run around the first boss. Just skirt the edge of the room and he won’t aggro.
  • It’s possible to run around the perimiter (thus skipping) most of the ‘rooms’.
  • Bear Druids take very little damage from lvl 72 elites.
  • When taking on the Raven Spirit, in phase 2, do the following:
  1. Keep the Eagle Spirit up.
  2. Have your pally healer throw down her conscecrate.
  3. Hurricane the birdies.
  4. Profit

We didn’t break any speed records for killing the Raven Lord, to be sure, but he did die. In fact, Ael assures me that she hardly had to do any healing at all, so she was able to help dps the boss. I’m not sure how well this would’ve worked without a conscecrate, but if anybody else has stories of 2-manning (or soloing!) the Raven Lord inside Heroic Sethekk Halls I’d love to hear your stories.

Wintergrasp, A Warning ~

The easiest way to get into a Vault group is in a PuG. In fact, that’s Unemployd’s policy on the instance right now. Since control of Wintergrasp is so ephemeral we don’t get mad if members want to try and PuG it.

Well, I was invited to a 10-man PuG about 20 minutes before WG reset. It took us a little bit to get going and some fumbling with raid leads. Our warlock summoned me in and I immediately got this warning:

  • You are not part of this instance group, Teleport to Dalaran in 28…

Well THAT was odd. I didn’t let it teleport me, instead I ran out of the instance and back in, teleport problem solved and I forgot about it.

We cleared the trash and got to the boss… and found him MISSING.

I’m sure you all know what that meant, but everyone assured us they hadn’t been saved, and by the time I was invited, raid leadership had been passed around so often (we had a few disconnects too) that nobody knew who the original leader of the raid was.

I’ve got a suspicion, but I don’t have his name because as soon as we reached the boss chamber he dropped group and didn’t come back.

So, basically, someone had tricked 9 other people into forefeitting their 10-man vault run. I wasn’t all that angry about it as the instance resets every three days, but I understand that when the reset timer climbs to 7 days it’ll be a bigger deal.

So, again a question, apart from being summoned directly into the instance (and getting a teleport message like that), what’s a good way to find out if your instance run is being swindled?

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    • Valazra
    • January 19th, 2009

    Have a lock summon an Eye of Kilrogg

    • Eglador
    • January 19th, 2009

    Myze over at l-o-t-p.blogspot.com just released a very good guide about soloing Anzu as a feral druid, and it’s totally doable.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 19th, 2009

    Eye of Kilrogg, excellent

    And yay for solo-guides! I’ll be killing Anzu with my pally pet until the mount drops for her as thanks for fronting the cash I needed to get my epic flight form.
    Makes me wonder if these baby druids just BUY the skill, will they be missing out on shots at the mount? /ponder

    • MMorecowbell
    • January 19th, 2009

    My Wife and I duo H-Sethekk daily on my Feral and her boomkin. The first boss is cake really with swipe. Been farming badges a bit because I somehow forgot to ever get the feral Idol at 70, I think I prioritized pants/chest from SSO higher. And Ikiss… well he’s so easy with only two players it’s not funny. Being that neither of us can be poly’d makes it easier. I would do him in cat form but my wife would pull aggro off me too fast.

    been almost 3 weeks of daily clears, no raven yet…

  1. How topical! Elgador has sung my song already, but I’ll provide a permalink for the ease of future visitors: http://l-o-t-p.blogspot.com/2009/01/guide-where-i-show-you-how-to-really.html

  2. Funnily enough, Khi and I just did our first duo-Anzu run yesterday with no problems – we both stealthed our way right to the boss and had little trouble clearing his room.

    With him as a resto druid keeping hots on all birds and then helping hurricane the adds during the banish phase we found it was just a matter of taking our time and burning him down – a resto druid can also help give a reasonable amount of dps between heals.

    As for Wintergrasp… I’ve not yet had that happen to me but others in my guild have. We hold the same ‘pug wintergrasp’ policy for the most part (sometimes making guild 10-mans if people happen to all be on at the same time). I guess a three day reset makes it harder for people to remember when the actual reset is 😦


  3. I didn’t know you had an alliance character on Hydraxis.. I just started a secret alt on the Alliance side 🙂 I’ll add you to my friends list, we can instance together maybe!

    • brokenleft
    • January 20th, 2009

    I was lucky enough to get my Raven mount on my 7th attempt.

    When you’re in there the first couple times, be sure to kill the last boss since that will open the side door allowing for easy reentry after solo wipes.

    Good luck!!!

    • Hoofnmouf
    • January 26th, 2009

    This post got me thinking I still needed to collect badges for the 70 feral idol which I never got pre Wrath and I would really love the Raven mount… So i spent the weekend completing the swift flight form quests (yes i bought it originally since my druid dinged 70 just as WOTLK came out) and then oh i need the key to Auch..crap not honored with Lower City either well a few solo runs thru SH and I had my key. Now to take on Anzu. Myze guide is spot on although my first attempt I couldn’t lose LOS and thus no heals… dead bear. Next attempt wasn’t much better and then trash respawned grrr. Finally I had a mage come in to buy me some more time. I decided to tank Anzu at the south west corner facing him towards the west wall and then move to the same healing spot Myze mentioned. Bingo worked like a charm and we got him down.
    Next day tried solo again and got him second try 🙂 Think it will become easier as I get use to the mechanics of the fight, dealing with the stuns and adds and knowing when I need to use my cd abilities. Also killing the last boss is easy and gets me an extra badge and easy re-entry. For the record I am in Heroic gear mostly with only Defender’s Code from Naxx. About 32K HP 33K armor and 39% dodge.

    Thanks for sparking the interest in trying this and good luck to those that have it in their sights

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