Beware of Wells

I don’t know if it was just me, my terrible luck at getting stuck places, or a legitimate bug, but I found myself unable to take the portal at the bottom of the Dalaran well to get into the Sewers.

What does this mean?

View from the Bottom of the Well

View from the Bottom of the Well

Note the laughing guildies clustered at the rim.

Note the laughing guildies clustered at the rim.

Yep, I got stuck in a well, and yes, screenshot will be forthcoming when I get home this evening. Luckily enough we were getting ready for Naxx and I had a summon waiting for me.

To my guild, however, I must say, I honestly don’t try to get stuck, it just HAPPENS! Really! Launching myself from ledges is a slightly different matter, I’m only mostly not responsible for those, sometimes I’ll jump off just to see if there’s a collision box there. (most of the time there isn’t)

I think I’m going to do a good/bad/ugly comparison about how I feel about the patch:


Barkskin is off the GCD! This is AWESOME. What this means is it can now be macroed into regular skill rotations so that when you mash a skill you’re spamming anyway it will trigger your barkskin! I’ll see if I can write out a kitty/bear macro that includes mangle for both forms AND barkskin a little later and add it to my druid-friendly macro post.

I can now wear my T7.5 gloves!


I now have to wear my T7.5 gloves because my Handwraps of Preserved History are… history. They got nerfed, and while I’m dissapointed that I now have to wear what used to be a downgrade, it really did have to happen. They were just way too good for a quest blue that didn’t even require the quest being completed on heroic.

The well portal in Dalaran may or may not be bugged. Like I said, it could just be me. I think I’ll take a hop down in there again tonight before the raid to see if I can repeat the experience. (Let’s hope the portal works eh?)

Apparently there’s something wrong with Wintergrasp, I don’t know much because I don’t go out there often. There’s usually so many bodies I can’t tolerate the lag and am an easy kill.


Holy Hopping Horny Toads Batman! The DISCONNECTS! Last night was by far the very worst night for lag and disconnects I’ve seen in a very very very long time, in fact, it could be said it was the worst I’ve seen that I can ever remember. (which isn’t saying much, my memory is like a sieve)

Someone noted on vent that it seems the lag spikes and occasional disconnects from raids have been getting steadily worse and worse as time goes by. Another was able to offer what I thought was a very likely cause.

There’s just more people running these instances! <Unemployed> got down and dirty into raiding pretty early in the game. We had some people who took their time and we had a few who raced breakneck to 80 and lots of people scattered everywhere in-between. I was a bit behind the bleeding edge, though nowhere near getting any server firsts. Brajana was closer to the trailing edge, so if you read the both of us you’ve probably got a good idea of where <Unemployed> stood as far as leveling its members go.

Anyway, it makes perfect sense that now more guilds are getting up to max level, making it through 10-man content and are now trying to complete 25-man content that it would put increased pressure on the servers.

It makes sense.

I didn’t say I had to like it.

So, we’ll try again tonight and hopefully some of the problems will have been ironed out. I know everyone was clamoring for this patch because of the lag and disconnects, but it doesn’t seem much has been fixed.

I’m usually pretty lazziez faire when it comes to raiding. Last night was frustrating as all get out but I did my best to keep an up-beat attitude about the whole thing. After all, there’s nothing we can do to fix it, so why blow a gasket?

I even joked that, because of all the QQing we’ve been doing over too-easy instances Blizzard has now given us the increased challenge of killing bosses while dealing with disconnects!

I’ll tell ya what, it definitely makes things interesting!

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    • Doodle
    • January 21st, 2009

    I loves Wintergrasp! You can sit on a wall and wtfpewpewlaser with a turret, or you can sneaksneak and RipRoarMangle some Horde… err… uh… some “bad guys” and you get a metric ton of Honor and Stone Keeper’s Shards if you do the dailies. Big giant Mammoth here I come!

    That said, the disconnects last night were due to Wintergrasp resetting after every victory. I know of some people *shifty eyes* who farmed it for several dozen badges last night.


    • Kriyet of Bladefist
    • January 21st, 2009

    Yes, the “something is wrong with Wintergrasp” and the disconnects are connected.

    They’ve been saying for a while that the lag in a lot of Northrend was due to Wintergrasp – at the end of the battle, the server has to apply the new buff to everyone in the winning faction.

    That was one thing yesterday’s patch was supposed to fix. But that didn’t turn out so well…..

    I would like to see them get it fixed soon. One, because I know our PVPers are really enjoying Wintergrasp. Two, those stonekeeper’s shards sure are nice. Have my eye on some shoulders that I can pass down to my alts later on.


  1. Ok guys, this boss has given us trouble in the past. His new disconnect ability is a 1 shotter, you can’t avoid it, and it’s random.

    Can I get a Num…




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