I Like Loot Council!

And I don’t care WHO knows!

And here’s why:

This week, our loot council has decided that we need moar DPS. Lots more. We’ve had trouble beating enrage timers on both Malygos and Thaddius, so this week we’re focusing on gearing our DPS.

Previous weeks we’ve been giving preference to Tanks, then Healers, then DPS. I’m all set to go, I think the healers are looking to be in pretty good shape (with a few exceptions) and we’ve found we’re having trouble with enrage timers.

That’s the kind of oversight that I enjoy in a Loot Council. Sure, you can do something like this with a DKP system or even EPGP, but that also requires a lot of oversight and fiddling, and if you’re going to be overriding the system and fiddling with it so much why bother with the numbers system at all?

We reward attendance, preparedness, and quality play. We also try to have as transparent a system as possible. Loot is discussed privately through the council, but questions are not only answered, they are encouraged. We are also heavy users of Google Documents and spreadsheets.

In SSC we kept spreadsheets of our herbalists and who got to herb the giants, we keep spreadsheets for raid rosters, for attendance, and even for loot distribution. These spreadsheets are also available for the whole guild to view online which helps make the Loot Council transparent.

It’s easy for me to feel guilty when I recieved what felt like so many upgrades. When I go look at the spreadsheets, though, I see that yes, I did get more than anybody else overall, but I wasn’t seriously shorting anyone either. This week so far has been a wonderful example.

I don’t think I’ve gotten a single upgrade all week.

I’m PERFECTLY OK with that!

Our first few weeks in Naxx 10 & 25 upgrades fell for me like RAIN! I don’t need massive amounts of new gear anymore. (I do need to get my butt out of Dalaran, farm some money, and get everything I do have gemmed and enchanted though). I’ve rolled on a few pieces this week, but they weren’t major upgrades for me. Thus, I didn’t recieve the items, which is the way it’s supposed to work!

Perhaps we’re a bit communist with our philosophy of ‘where this piece goes should benefit the raid the most’, but I’ve only felt slighted once, and as far as that situation goes it turned out I didn’t need the gear in the first place and I just hadn’t done my research!

On a Similar Note

I meant to write up a big long mock-whiney post about how Brajana has started following BRK‘s advice and Ninjaing Druid Loot but… Damnit! I can’t help but congratulate her on her shiney new staff!

Not as cool as a birdie dripping blood but, ya know, not everyone can be as sexy as a druid 😉

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  1. Druids?



    On another note, I like the sound of a good loot council too. I just can’t find a damn guild.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 22nd, 2009

    Well you’re a hordie! Dump that old server and come on over! 😉 (though we’re not recruiting hunters atm…)

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