What the HELL?


My esteemed guild leader just linked THIS to us in our shoutbox. It’s a spreadsheet detailing the worst (and least) affected realms. We are all the way at the bottom, under SEA (for seattle). I play on Hydraxis, which is on the Emberstorm battlegroup. It sucks, but it’s nice to see we’re not as alone as we feared.


I do read other blogs. I’m not living in a bubble here (any more so than necessary). However, a post over on Kestrel’s Aerie this morning just makes me want to scream.


Well, his guild cleared the Plague Wing and OS in one night. Now, that’s not breaking any speed records. I’m proud to say that <Unemployed> is quite capable of coing 2.5 wings in a night.

So, what’s got me all riled up? This sounds like a perfectly reasonable post about guild progression, and it is, except for one thing.

Kestrel only mentioned one disconnect.


You know what we did last night?

We went to go take down the 4 horsemen. We had some trouble on trash early on because our DK tank forgot that due to a normilization to his Icebound Fortitude he was no longer invincible. Then we went to take out the big boys. We’ve done this before on 10 and 25-man. We KNOW this fight, we know it so well we’ve chomped it down, moved in, met its parents, had its babies and taken all kinds of advantage of it in divorce court.

4 Horsemen? We own you.

Can you guess why then, after only two attempts last night (We’ve been known to attempt bosses upwards of 13 times) we moved on to OS for some easy epix?

We tried twice, and BOTH times

without fail

within ten seconds of engaging the boss someone would disconnect, then one more, then another, and another

and another

until half the raid was gone

and everyone was dead.

Within the first ten seconds of pulling the bosses.

That’s pretty much how it’s been for us all week by the way, and I’ve kept my cool and kept my cheer all through it. But I had a rough day yesterday, I don’t know, maybe just troublesome girl hormones but I wasn’t at my best. Hell, even Mel tried cheering me up with virtual offerings of gin and wasabi-soy-coated almonds.

I am so freaking sick of this. We’re a GOOD guild with GOOD players and GOOD strats. Now, however, we’re stuck on Naxx missing 3 bosses. We’re stuck on OS with no drakes, attempting to do it with one drake and, while making progress, still getting owned by lag and disconnects.

Oh, did you know that even if your fps drops below 2 blizzard will still say you’re getting at least 2 fps? Yeah. OS last night? I had 4 spf. That’s not sunblock. That’s 4 SECONDS per FRAME.

I counted.

In closing I do want to say that I’m not mad at Kestrel, I’m just frustrated with our ‘luck’ in raiding. I don’t see anybody else really talking about this and it doesn’t sound like anybody’s got the extreme problems we do.

I feel frustrated, and alone, and picked on, and I HATE it.

PS : my feed tracker is still messed up, and that pisses me off too 😦

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  1. Other people are definitely feeling your pain. Our guild doesn’t have much issue with doing a 1 night clear in 25naxx, but the latency issues have made it unplayable.
    We only raid 2 nights a week… Wednesday being the first attempt post-patch and it was a train-wreck. We went down spider wing because we’d heard there were some disconnect and lag problems still. We got to Anub and our MT died because no one could cast any heals… and additionally 1 or 2 people disconnected. We made our way through that encounter with 9 people dead or so… then we finished off spider wing and called it a night, happy to have gotten through that without any complete wipes.

    We’re going to head back in there on Saturday, I hope (though I doubt) the issues won’t persist.

    ~ definitely feeling your pain on this.

  2. Just to clarify a bit: We only cleared one wing last night, and one the night before. I only mentioned one disconnect of consequence, but in fact a couple people DC’d; however, they both have been having problems around the same time every evening, so it’s not something we blame on Blizzard. Yet.

    Thanks greatly for the pingback though! 🙂

  3. Oops; I misread (or read too quickly) what you wrote, so my clarification was moot. My apologies.

    However a closer reading tells me 4 Horsemen tonight just might be a bit problematic. I’ll be watching for DC’s a lot more closely!

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 23rd, 2009

    Kes – it seems to be random for us. Last week we were raiding ok (1-2 DCs/boss fight) and then we got to Gluth and hit a brick wall. We called the raid at 8:30, then the next night we went in we 1-shotted Gluth with no disconnects and in record time!

    So, I wish you luck. We’ve been noticing that the lag and disconnects tend to get worse the longer we’re raiding, but last night was the worst, bar none. We usually manage 2-3 bosses even with the DCs.

    I was all worried you’d take offense to me using your post as a springboard to go on a rant that really had nothing to do with you xD

    • oriniwen
    • January 23rd, 2009

    We have a saying in Imposs – “Blame the intern”.

    Whenever lag, or crashes, or bugs or patch day blues or rain or sleet or dark of night screw with our raids, it’s because all the real workers at Blizz are off for the afternoon/long weekend/holiday and have left the clumsy, fumble-footed intern in charge who will invariable trip over a cable and unplugthe server or pour coffee in the keyboard and make VR bug out two seconds into the pull.

    Don’t worry about your luck, the Intern happens to all of us 🙂

  4. Regarding the FPS, I use TitalPanel and it’s able to show frames per second in decimals.

    Like last night, when I had 0.4 FPS and 1100some latency. That was awesome. Mostly it was awesome because I’d momentarily switched an action bar to the one with my heal target of target macros on it assuming it would register in a couple of seconds (while I was casting a Regrowth), and 10 seconds later saw myself standing there halfway through a Starfire cast on Tenebron. Hell. Yes.

  5. Umm… I don’t know how to edit my comment. =\

    It’s TitaN Panel. With an N. Not an L. Yay speeling.

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