Moroccan Lamb

SAC’s guide to a grumpy Tiger:

  1. Flood her with tells as soon as she logs on, 30 minutes before invite-time and 1 hour before raid-start time asking what the status of the raid is.
  2. Do not post begged-for Moroccan Lamb recipe.
  3. Make her loot master.
  4. Make her put together the raid.
  5. When raid finally is getting put together tell her to LEAVE because you want a fresh Naxx instance.
  6. Do not post begged-for Moroccan Lamb recipe.
  7. Tell the rest of the raid who was in Naxx on Friday to leave because you want a fresh Naxx instance.
  8. Whine about wanting a fresh Naxx instance on a Monday.
  9. Still do not post begged-for Moroccan Lamb recipe.
  10. Buy all the ground lamb from the local grocer so she can’t even have awesome-tacos.

Seriously though, who clears Naxx in 3 hours? I mean come on, of course we’re going to use Monday to clean up what we didn’t get to on Friday.

/grumpy mode off

I finally got a helm with a meta socket though!

It’s also guaranteed that I will never pronounce Sapphiron correctly. I keep wanting to say saffron, and while raiding the sexual organs of a flower rendered into spice-form would be cool, I don’t think we’re going to do it in Naxxramas.

From now on, whenever I have to be loot master I will ask all interested parties to post their current piece of gear to the raid. If more than one person is interested then they’ll all do a /roll to see who gets it. Unless someone has a blue and another has a purple, in that case… I mean come on, the poor guy’s lugging around a BLUE. I’m sure I could go as far as looking at item level, but I honestly don’t want to get that diddly with it. I HATE being loot master, the RNG will set me free.

<Unemployed> raids Las Vegas this weekend. I’m ignoring that fact though to stave off expected debilitating bouts of jealousy.

Even if it is on my birthday.

But I’m still waiting on that Moroccan Lamb recipe.

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  1. Word of advice – don’t look at gear. Don’t look at anything. Just have people roll, and give to the highest mainspec roll.

    The reason I say this is that if you end up dealing with loot that way, everyone will dislike you and you’ll get more tells than god. ‘but it isn’t fair!’ ‘but they haven’t earned it!” ‘ but it’s better for me!”

    Just let it be luck. If someone with a blue asks others to pass, that’s their perogative – but let it be on them, not on you.

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 27th, 2009

    That’s pretty much what happened when some T4 pants dropped last night, 3 people had blues, one had a purple. Some squabbling was about to happen and I just told them, anyone who wants it can /roll and you guys who want it figure it out for yourselves.

    We have a loot council system in place for our main raid nights, but loot is handled much more loosely on off-nights (Monday and Friday). Most of the time I do my best to give someone else the job.

    • BeerCow
    • January 27th, 2009

    I’m not sure why you all aren’t just straight /rolling on offnight raids. We never counciled outside of core raids in BC, and I don’t know how that got started recently. If people are feeling they might be a little click-happy and would prefer someone to masterloot their rolled stuff, go for it.

  2. Wish you were coming to Vegas this weekend!!

    • BeerCow
    • January 27th, 2009

    Also, please pass along the Moroccan Lamb recipe.

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