Night and Day

So, last night was Tuesday. Do we know what that means?

Raid Night!

So, here it is, coming to you direct from the Bearcatlol’s mouth, the state of raiding post 3.0.8a….

Drumroll please….







Baby, <Unemployed> can DANCE!

All told, by the time we called it a night we’d taken down Spider, Plague, and Military wings. One-shots all around except for Noth and 4-Horsemen.

Our de-cursers got a good idea of what happens if Noth’s curse ever gets a chance to turn into a disease, and our healers were reminded of the importance of sticking to their tanks like glue during Kor’Thazz switches. Our MT died not once, but TWICE on our first attempt of the 4-horsemen and even with that we were so close to getting the first pair down it was sick. Second shot at him was one death shy of flawless.

The very most important thing that happened last night though, was everybody had FUN! No crushing lag, no frustrating disconnects that would leave you staring at a loading screen just long enough to come back dead…. no, nothing like that, just pure, sweet, unadulterated, FUN playtime.

Thank you blizzard, for finally getting this fixed.

I do want to mention that we did have some disconnections, but I think those were due to issues on the players’ side of things as opposed to massive server instability.

Last night, I had so much fun, when were done I was unusually jazzed up. We call our raids at 10pm and that’s definitely my bed-time. Not last night though. I was puttering around buying gems and upgrades, getting my new armor pieces into tip-top shape, when some of my guildies were trying to get to the ancestor within Gundrak.

That particular elder has to be found on Heroic difficulty because he’s down in Eck’s chamber. Well, they didn’t have a tank. So, I volunteered to go in there and help them take out the Mammoth boss and then I hopped out so everybody could have a turn.

After that one of the members said goodbye to go on an Ironforge raid.

Wait… raiding IF? I want IN on this!

So, I /w the leader asking if he had room for another tank and recieved an excited “Yes!” Invites passed around and we started fleshing out the raid. Leadership this time around was MUCH better than the War Bear raid I was in over the weekend. We smuggled some Warlocks into the tram and hid out at the first ‘stop’ area from IF.  Soon enough, summons were being passed around and when we got in there we even managed to get fuly raid buffed!

I don’t know if the other tanks were upset, but as soon as they saw my 42k health guess who was asked to Main Tank?

Oh yeah… /flex… give me a moment while I savor this (again)

Anyway, the King of Ironforge is no Varian Wrynn (did I spell that right? I didn’t see much of him, he was just a red splatter on the floor *shifty eyes*)

Nope, IF-man is a bit trickier to fight. He does a knock-back to everyone in a 5-10 meter radius that also shatters his aggro table. This was mostly no problem for me. I’d get knocked back, charge and then growl and I’d be back in business.

Once, however, at around 30%, he resisted my growl. Now, that wouldn’t normally be too much of a problem, except he had aggroed onto Kou, a hunter. Said hunter had been knocked up onto the ledge running along the inside of his chamber.

What came next?





100% health…


By this time Allies were getting wise to what we were up to. They were pouring through in droves, half the raid was dead. Our raid leader was quick on his feet though. He’d instructed people to stay dead, not release, well not anymore.


And so we killed him again!

Damn was that fun 😀 Now I’ve only got Darnassus and the Exodar left for my [For the Horde!] achievement. Those places aren’t nearly as well-defended as Ironforge, although I’m not really sure where the leaders are… this will require some covert operations…

Pantherfeet go!

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  1. You have no idea how sad this post made me!

    How come all the fun stuff happens when I’m not around? 😦 I’m gonna miss Thaddius too, I know it. Don’t remember the last time I was there for a first kill with Unemployed, doubt I’ll be there for one again. Maybe raids just suck when I go.

    Also, I don’t have ANY of the “For The Horde” kills, because I always hear about these raids after they happen!


    • Tigerfeet
    • January 28th, 2009


    They do NOT just suck when you’re around! You’ve just been busy, that bus crisis is crap.

    I hope you can come tonight, I can see us finishing up Naxx tonight and taking our first steps into Maly on Thursday. Which would you rather do?

    Oh, btw, did you read BRK? Looks like you got over-nerfed, so low dps isn’t your fault! I think you’re doing rather well under the circumstances actually 🙂


    • Cairnmaker
    • January 28th, 2009

    Darnassus is easy mode. off the boat, through the magic gazebo, hang right to the big temple and head upstairs. She’s a clothie, my wife and I both DC’d as the 40 man raid crashed into the room, dropped to the login screen. We logged right back in, waited at the loading bar and she was dead and the raid cleared out before we hit the temple. Luckily we got the kill as we were DC’d not fully offline. Exodar is very similar, go down the back ramp the guy is in that room there. Seemed we wandered around the room trying to target him for a minute or two, but like you say, it’s much less defended than SW/IF

  2. Even as a NE druid, I don’t know who/where the Darnassus leader is. I’m only playing Alli because of friends, I’m a hordie at heart.

    The only attempt I’ve had so far at killing one of the Horde leaders was Cairne, and we failed like 3-4 times AND a second raid showed up and one shotted him w/o most of us even noticing it. =/

    I love my friends, but being Alliance can be frustrating.

    • Teiya
    • January 30th, 2009

    You forgot to mention how my singing inspired everyone to run for their lives 😀

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