Dear Mr. Kel’Thuzad

That was a dirty trick you pulled last night.

What am I talking about? Oh, how does mind-controlling a Healer-Tank Combo, formenting drama about one measly piece of loot, and leading them to /gquit right before we pulled Thaddius sound?

No? Doesn’t ring any bells?

Well, your tactics didn’t save Thaddius, and they sure as hell didn’t save Sapphiron, and tonight? Oh yeah, that’s right buddy, come tonight it DEFINITELY won’t save you. If you thought facing us after we’ve been battling Patchwerk, Grobbulous, Gluth, Thaddius, and Sapphiron would be bad, just wait until you face us down when we’re fresh!

Oh yea KT, buddy, I’m givin’ you a number, and takin’ away your loot.


A’la LotP, BBB, and many others…. Well…

See, every now and then, whenever I speak over Vent there can be heard some soft, contented purring.

About the purring…. (click to see full image)


You’ll notice that my play-space is crazy-messy. You’ll also notice my clever placement of text over the most offensive bits of mess that I wasn’t able to crop out.

Here’s the specifics:

Left of the computer and partly off-screen are a printer/scanner combo that was a Christmas present in my college days. It’s being stylishly fronted by a steadily growing horde of empty A&W Root Beer Float bottles. The greenish glass actually has water and NOT gin (though I’m sure my guild doesn’t believe me). The glass behind it had milk in it 2-3 days ago. Behind that is a bottle-opener because I’m a wenie and sometimes can’t open the aformentioned root beer bottles (crazy metal screw-caps)

Moving onto the right you have my beast of a laptop, Alienware, clad in stylish green (my favorite color) upon which I promptly spilled milk, rendering the built-in keyboard useless, hence the parasite-like addition on top. The casing of the laptop sports trendy stickers, supporting mass-hysteria and awesome webcomics.

Tucked behind and to the right of the laptop is a 40G firelite portable hard drive that’s been with me since my third quarter in college, once again a Christmas present, this time begged for after I discovered the disturbing ease with which Zip drives will corrupt (and I was sick of swimming in CDs).

To the right of THAT we have my second monitor. It came with my second computer (a birthday present to replace the computer I got as a Christmas present that promptly broke). You’ll notice the casing is having issues along the top. I dropped it as I was setting up for my senior portfolio show.

The mousepad is one of those awesome gaming ones that’s backed with steel and a snazzy no-skid surface on the bottom. The mouse is a cheapie little wireless Logitech I picked up at Wal-Mart for a song. The remnants of dinner and more dirty dishes are on the right.

To the right of THAT (and offscreen) is a VHS/DVD rack-turned-bookcase that also has some games and DVDs on it. The furniture is older than me, it was my childhood furniture and before that it was my mother’s childhood furniture and…

oh yeah, front and center, being disgruntled because I nad the nerve to stand up, is our Lucky Boss-Killing Kitten who frequently graces all of Vent with Victory-Purrs.

Atrides’ sister brought him to us this past fall. He was nothing but skin and bones, still had that newborn-kitten look to him, his eyes were crusted shut and someone had chopped his whiskers off. Poor guy. He’s very grateful though, and he’s not happy unless he’s right THERE with one of us (usually me). That is now the dedicated kitty drawer for when he just has to be in my lap when I’m raiding.

Oh, PS ~ his name is Nibbles, isn’t he just adorable? (Yes, I also have 2 other cats, but they aren’t nearly as needy)

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  1. You have got to be kidding me? We had almost the SAME ISSUE last night over the SAME LOOT. Whiskey tango foxtrot is it with those shoulder? lol

    Our people didn’t leave the guild (yet!) but they all left the raid and there was boo-boo feelings in guild chat for a good hour. I logged off and went to bed. >.<

  2. I thought that whole thing was pretty silly. Oh well, I’d rather have more people in the raid who are there for the raid, rather than for the loot… so move over M&S and make room for some real players.

    I’m gonna have to do one of those “this is where I spend my evenings and weekends” picture posts as well soon 🙂

    • Ace
    • January 29th, 2009

    Awww…Nibbles is so handsome! He looks like a nice big healthy guy. Occasionally my kitteh will have something to say to the group..whenever something like “pmkjh” shows up in party chat, everyone says ‘Hi PJ’ lol

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