The Kittens of Prophecy

Although <Unemployed> hasn’t quite gotten superstitious enough to depend on good-luck charms while raiding, I’m fairly certain that our Raid leader and I are convinced that our kittens are posessed of magical powers.

What are these magical powers?

Why, they sit on our laps (or in my drawer), purring contentedly. Their contented purrs cause disruptions in the nether that reaches out into the interwebz, granting our raids fantastical (and officially undocumented) buffs, allowing us to complete feats of strength, granting us amazing prowess!

Oh yeah, you heard me correct.

Last night, first we killed Sartharion… PLUS ONE! (with no thanks to me and my inexplicable lag/disconnecting)

Then… THEN we went to go whup up on Kel’Thuzad. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be.

Due to his antics on Tuesday we only had 3 tanks. He cannot be killed with less than three. I mean, I’m sure that, in a pinch, one tank could manage all 4 adds if KT were DPSd down crazy-go-fast and none of the healers got ice-blocked or mind-controlled and everybody stayed alive and and and…

Yeah, you need 3 tanks.

Problem was, my connection couldn’t be trusted. SOMETHING was going on. Atrides and I were getting horrendous lag spikes and disconnects, but our status on ventrilo was just fine. I re-booted my computer, turned off all my addons (I think I’m addicted to IceHud… srsly going through withdrawls here), he re-set the router, then he re-set the modem and I rebooted AGAIN and all of this helped

But it wasn’t until Nibbles came and sat in my drawer, and Silverlake curled up in Mel’s lap and together, with their magical nether-vibrating purring, that I was able to stay connected and stable enough to allow us to kill Kel’Thuzad.

Ok, now, I know I’m being very ego-centric here, painting everything as my doing. This really really was a guild effort. We learned that you absolutely CANNOT cast any AOE (or hunter pets!) at the banshees or you’ll aggro the abominations and skeletons behind them. The first time the tanking team picked them up and we were able to kill them, the second time they killed three people before they were brought under control, and the third time was similar to the first, except all three times it happened it set us back far enough that we never really managed to recover.

The fight, each time, I finally got the feeling that everybody was bringing their A game. This was an actual battle. Every attempt battle-rezzes were tossed out, healers struggled, DPS got frost-nova’d and mind-controlled.

During phase 2, I spent my time staying AWAY from everybody else, tossing Faerie Fires on the boss every now and then, Cycloning my mind-controlled teammates, and generally making sure that I survived (and stayed connected!) so that I could do my job in phase three.

My job in phase three btw was to soak up massive amounts of physical damage and not get myself 1-shotted be the evil red circle of doom. THAT is something that I, as a bear, am very, very good at.

Ohyeah, you wanna beat on my face? BEAT ON MY FREAKIN’ FACE! I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE BOY!



Yea, we killed Kel’Thuzad….

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  1. Wish my cats were as helpful. Evil-cat makes a habit of standing in front of my monitor or pushing my hands around while I’m trying to raid, and it certainly doesn’t help 😛 The other 2 kitties aren’t too bad, but when they want cuddles, they will do whatever it takes to get them, even if it means finding the keybinding to dismount me while I’m flying high above the ground -_-

    Great job on Kel! 🙂

    • Tigerfeet
    • January 30th, 2009

    lmao! Well, my first kitty is usually sleeping off by himself, and miss horny-pants loves sleeping on my monitor. She’ll sit straight up and then just fall forward and plant her head upside-down and sleep that way, thankfully it doesn’t interfere much with raiding.

    SOME-times Nibbles is a pest… especially when he needs to be loved on RIGHT NOW and he pounces me and clings on… yeeeeeah.

  2. My cat Buster will usually just sleep in my lap, but he does get cuddly sometimes, and then it’s all I can do to keep him from getting on the desk, walking on the keyboard, pushing on my hands, etc.

    His new thing is to drape himself over one of my arms. He’s not really in the way then, but it sure makes it hard to move. >.>

    • Lithios
    • January 31st, 2009

    dam big headed bear cats, think they do everything 😛

    a big gratz to you on FINNALLY getting through it, you inspire me to try
    to get er done.

    • Lithios
    • January 31st, 2009

    BTW, sorry double post… just had to comment that my cat is very jealous of my druid, as such i get “kitty raids” where my jealous feline decides to pounce on the keyboard and paw at the screen.

    while i think my latency DOES indeed improve in these situations, hard to notice when your cat decided that YES you did want to pull all those mobs in heroic whatever….good fun

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