I dinged 25 yesterday, hooray2me!

cakeThe day itself was rather unremarkable, in fact I was all ready to go and throw a pity party for myself, what with a noticeable lack of sushi and no Vegas for as far as the eye could see.

But as the day wore on Mr Tigerfeet baked me a cake and I recieved a call from the folks in Vegas! They even sang me a little song! I’m afraid I sounded a bit lackluster on the phone, but I was very very touched, I cried a little too.

WoW is so silly, and so many people waste their lives in front of a keyboard and I know many MANY people who think I’m a looser for enjoying this as a hoby as much as I do, but honestly, I never would have met such wonderful people as my guildmates! It’s human interaction people, that’s all we really crave, am I right?

Oh, don’t feel bad for me, I’ll be getting my sushi this Friday 🙂 Mr Tigerfeet promised!

If you insist on pitying me, pity me because I feel like crap today. I set my first goal that I’ve set in a long long time (need to work on that) and I achieved it. What’s the goal? Well, I wanted to hit 280 fishing before I went to bed last night… I got there just fine, but then I had to go and finish up my Artisan cooking skill…

And that required 12 Giant Eggs

And there were only 4 Giant Eggs on the Auction House, and they were selling for 2g apice…

And if I was going to need to farm them anyway….


Bed was not sought until well after Midnight… I was NOT drunk last night, but I certainly feel as if I were.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hopefully your next year is the best yet!

    And yes, fishing will make you feel like you’re dead.

  2. Aww, sorry about the lack of sushi and giant eggs but congrats on the cake and hitting your 280 fishing level. ^^

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! ^_^

    • Ace
    • February 4th, 2009

    Happy late birthday! Mine was the day after yours. hehe. I only wish I was 25 again, though. >.<

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